Facebook Messenger Chatbotfor Woocommerce


Facebook Messenger Chatbotfor Woocommerce


WooCommerce Chatbot is a remarkable tool for automating your customer support. It creates multiple chat options to help your customers with their questions quickly & efficiently. They can use the Chatbot to initiate chat, discuss, and find relevant information about your products.

Moreover, Chatbot for WooCommerce offers extra functionality to add predefined queries that help your customers with product-related queries. You can narrow down the customer’s preferences with text, URLs, and postbacks where they can get a suitable reply.

Chatbot for WooCommerce also helps you create conditional questions to filter out your exact product-related questions. As a result, it will help customers get answers about the product & finally improve their overall experience on your web store.

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  • Enhance support with Facebook Chat
  • Customize replies with text, URLs, or postbacks
  • Utilize three postback replies in the chat
  • Engage users with image sharing in chat
  • Streamline responses with Chatbot messages
  • Automate replies with conditional questions
  • Empower users to search products, categories, or posts in chat
  • Extend chat functionality to Shop, Home, and Product pages
  • Seamlessly integrate Facebook page for store chat
  • Engage your customers with Chat Bubble Display


December 22, 2021


WooCommerce version 2.6.0 or higher | Wordpress version 4.6 or higher

  • *Life Time Support
  • *45 Days MoneyBack
  • *LifeTime Updates

Boost Engagement With Automated Facebook Chat

WooCommerce Chatbot Plugin strengthens your support team. It makes your team more productive by allowing them to focus on other important matters rather than answering product-related questions. Your customers can now easily find products, categories, or sub-categories inside the automated chat.

Increase Response Speed with Set Facebook Chat Replies

You can use Chatbot for WooCommerce to set three kinds of replies. It can be shown in text, URL, or postbacks. Posting back is the best way to help customers find the correct answer to their product-related questions in the options. 

Enhance Conversation Flow With 3 Chat Blocks

Facebook Chatbot helps you create three chat blocks or postbacks. However, with WooCommerce Chatbot, you are free to develop the same or fewer blocks to help your customers ask questions. The questions are listed in a series that depends on each other. 

Capture Attention With An Image In The Initial Message

The chatbot plugin will also help you with your branding. You can show your image or logo in the initial messages and customize the message to make it more attractive. 

Save Time With A Default Chatbot Message

You can use the plugin to compose your message in a way that feels right to you. Sometimes, customers need to work to find products or categories inside blocks.

Personalize Responses With Conditional Replies

Create a series of questions that expand from previous ones. It will further help customers elaborate on their choices to find the correct answer. 


Facilitate Customer Queries With Product Searches In Chat

WooCommerce Messenger Bot helps your customers browse your product catalog with a chat. All you have to do is enter the product name or related terms, and you'll get the matching result.

Extend Reach With Chat Options On Multiple Pages

For maximum exposure, you can display the WooCommerce Chatbot on multiple pages, such as the shop, home, or product page.


Strengthen Your Online Presence By Connecting Your Facebook Page

You can connect the WooCommerce Chatbot with your Facebook page to track customer support & continue the chat instantly. If the Chatbot is already connected, you can change it too.

Engage your Customer with Chat Bubble Display

Display a chat bubble on shop, home, or single-product pages to encourage customer engagement and provide instant support.


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