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Magento Rich Snippets Extension enables you to display product name, image, reviews and other useful information as part of Google search result. Rich snippets were introduced by Google to increase click through rate in search results and to help customers in taking right decision to click any source. To display additional structured data in search results, simple select yes from different drop downs provided in this rich snippets Magento extension and microdata schema tags will be automatically inserted into HTML of your product pages.

  • Display 13 types of data in SERPs e.g. name, reviews, price etc.
  • Automatically ads structured data to HTML.
  • Increase click through rate and decreases bounce rate.
  • Increases your website click through rate

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Created 20 Dec 2013
Compatible 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9

Rich snippet for Magento increases the CTR of your product pages. Rich snippet provides additional information to users in an elegant way and catches their attention to relevant results. Following are the types of additional data that will be shown in Google search results for your products by using Magento rich snippets extension.

  • Name
  • Breadcrumbs
  • SKU
  • URL
  • Image
  • Description
  • Price
  • Currency
  • Status
  • Brand and its product attribute
  • Product color and its attribute
  • Product weight and its attribute
  • Reviews

This Magento snippets module automatically adds structured data to the HTML of your product pages and will make your snippets stand out in the search results. These schema markup tags will communicate to search engines about the different useful aspects of your products such as reviews, price, brand name etc.

For example, if you are selling a most wanted product in a very low price or you have any other distinguishing feature of it then you can earn more clicks and conversions if this data is displayed in search results. The reason is quite obvious, anybody searching for that product will find your listing more useful because of the additional information that you have provided with the help of this rich snippets Magento module.

Key Features of Magento Rich Snippets Extension

  • Increase click through rate and decreases bounce rate.
  • Displays valuable information in search results to distinguish your web page, and customers will find your results more useful than others.
  • Number of product attributes can be shown in search results like ratings, reviews, images etc.
  • Communicates valuable data about your products to search engines so that they can understand and display it to more relevant search queries, hence increases CTR.
  • The additional information shown in search results serves as a great call to action.
  • Supports Multi-store
  • Free Upgrades

How it Works

Each field at the backend has its own drop down, you just need to select ‘yes’ and its schema markup tag will be automatically added to the HTML of all product pages. Some fields may have multiple attributes in a drop down so that you can select the desired one.

Product Faqs

  • Does this extension work on Magento Go? Seems Magento Go does not allow file upload, so I am wondering if this extension works here, if yes, I'd like to subscribe for it.

    No this extension will not work with Magento Go.
  • Hello, we need information about the possibility, to set custom attributs in this extension. For example we want the short description or the size of our products. thank you very much uli schaefer

    Yes you can set following custom attributes in our extension, 1 - Short Description 2 - Weight 3 - Manufacturer 4 - Color Unfortunately attribute size doesn't exist in schema so that is why it can not be set in extension.

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  • "

    Great extension

    I have tested with Google structured data tool, and works perfect.

  • "

    Good Add-on

    I can improvement in my CTR, thanks for an awesome plugin and quick support.

  • "


    Seems to be working

    my product with rich snippet:

  • "

    THANK YOU!!!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!!
    Incredible support and help.

    I’ll leave you excellent feedback on Magento connect- cheers Guys!

    Janice Meakinbr
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    That was great !!
    many thanks for support. :D

    wahyu muktibr

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