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Magento Canonical URLs extension is a free module for Magento that does not only add ‘rel’ canonical URL to the head of your website pages, but it allows you to manually set custom canonical links for products (not available in Magento by default). This helps search engines to learn about which page/URL of your website is more relevant for users against a particular search query. Get rid of a duplicate content issue and stay healthy in search engine ranks by using this Magento SEO URLs extension.

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Created 31 Dec 2013
Compatible 1.5,1.6,1.7,1.8,1.9

Magento SEO extension by FME allows you to fine tune your SEO. It enables you to set correct canonical URL for products. A drop down for canonical Meta tag is added to each product page Meta settings which show s all the possible variations of a particular URL. You can select the desired canonical Magento URL from this drop down and this URL will then be added to the head section of that particular page as a canonical Meta tag. In case you do not prefer setting it manually, you can set it to pick the canonical URL from configuration which by default uses the deepest link as a canonical link.

Implementing Magento canonical product URLs help you to stay aligned with the search engine quality standards. Typically, on ecommerce websites, a webpage can be accessed from several URLs e.g. one URL may contain session ID and other one may contain a tag, but these two different URLs lead to the same webpage. In these cases, search engines can crawl & index wrong version of your web page which can produce drastic results for you, as it will show wrong page to internet searchers. So it’s important that you configure and optimize canonical URLs correctly.

This Magento Canonical Links extension allows you to easily set canonical tags for search engines without touching the code. You can configure it to select the correct URL automatically or you can do it manually. Click on DEMO to see how it works.

Key Features - Magento Canonical URLs

  • Adds Canonical URL to the head of your website pages
  • Supports automatic or manually selection of Canonical URLs
  • A drop down is added to each product page Meta settings which list all available variations of that particular URL. You can select the one you need.
  • Gets the actual category URL if on a category page.
  • For CMS pages, it will get the correct URL from database.
  • Removes Canonical URL header from search pages and checkout pages.
  • Eliminates duplicate content issues.
  • Must have Magento Extension for every eCommerce website.
  • Free upgrades

How it Works

How It Works:

Once the extension is installed, login to admin panel and follow the below mentioned guidelines.

Automatically Set Canonical Links

By default, this extension will automatically choose the deepest link as a canonical link. It means a URL with all the categories and subcategories. If you need to configure different canonical URL then follow the procedure as described below.

Manually Set Canonical Links

You can manually set the Canonical URL for any product page. Open the desired product page from the backend. Click on the Meta settings tab and you will see a drop down at the bottom named as “Canonical URL”. This drop down will list all the URL variations that can be used to access that specific page. Select the desired URL and that is all you have to do. In case you need to use the default URL as canonical then select ‘config’ from the dropdown.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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    Top free extension

    A great extension, works fine.. Thanks for offering this as free.

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    Much Needed

    I dont know why Magento doesnt take care of this in default community edition. Its my marketing team that pointed this out and i went out looking for a fix. Downloaded and worked out of the box. Thank you guys

    Misty br
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    Comment From Emst

    just installed your canonical module on my test website, seems to work great.

    Ernst Dambrinkbr
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    Guys thank you for the free extension :) The ones on Magento Connect are not compatible with the latest version so this is a good start for you guys.


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