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WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form Plugin (1.0.1)

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Woocommerce Product Enquiry Form adds a basic enquiry form on the product description pages of your website, which is a point where your customers will either buy or leave your website. Hence, this product enquiry for Woocommerce improves conversion rate as you collect more online inquiries, and convert them to successful leads. You can configure contact form settings such as title, description, auto reply, and more options. Learn more on DEMO.

  • Ads simple inquiry form in a tab on product pages
  • Configure title and add description
  • Captcha enabled
  • Configurable mail options

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Created 02 Mar 2016
Compatible WooCommerce 2.0 to 3.3 WordPress 4.0 to 5.0
Created 02 Mar 2016

The most clean and simple WordPress contact form plugin to help you generate new business leads and online enquiries. This plugin ads enquiry form on the product description pages of your website in a tab. This improves the conversion rate of your landing pages because it encourages customers to contact you regarding their concerns when they are about to leave your website.

In a recent research by Dan Zarrella at Hubspot (link), where 40,000 contact forms were analyzed, and conversion rate improved by 50% when a basic enquiry form was used. Do you wish to improve every part of your business, so let’s start right here by download FME product enquiry plugin.

Key Benefits of Woocommerce Product Enquiry Form:

Here are the key benefits you drive by using Woocommerce product enquiry Plugin:

  • You make it easy for your customers to fill out and send inquiry
  • Enquiry form is placed in a tab on product description pages, making it more easier to collect leads
  • Improves conversion rate by 50%
  • Enquires are easy to understand
  • Eliminates complexities that can drive customers away
  • You remove the need for customers to fill out lots of fields, a waste of time
  • Never asks for unnecessary information
  • Friendly wording on error messages
  • Provides a clear summary of mistakes if any
  • Spam free with the help of Captcha

Key Features:

Woocommerce enquiry form plugin allows you to configure the form like:

  • Configure title for inquiry form and tab
  • Add description for enquiry form
  • Configure captcha
  • Configure mail options such as name, email, subject and response

Asking too much information to the first time visitors tends to drive them away as per the user behavior researches. Therefore, product enquiry Woocommerce plugin by FME keeps it simple for your customers to fill out requirements in a minimal amount of time. Because, simple wins over complex.

How it Works

After installation, please activate this plugin from the backend. Product enquiry menu will be created from where you will be able to configure following:

General Settings:

  • Configure title of enquiry form and its tab
  • Add description that will be shown on enquiry form
  • Add Captcha keys

Mail Settings:

  • Configure sender name and email
  • Add a subject for email
  • Add response text

View and Manage Enquiries:

This section allows you to view all the enquiries and reply accordingly. You will receive information like sender contact information, product for which the enquiry is made, details about concerns.
Please see Demo for more information or contact us.

Following Bugs has been fixed in version 1.0.1:

  • Issue fixed the validation of the enquery form on front end.
  • Issue fixed the success message.
  • Remove undefined index issue from all over the module.
  • Remove errors messages that are shown during installation of the module.
  • Fix issue with email not sent.
  • Issue fixed with captcha, secret key was called incorrectly. (Pro version issue)
  • Issue fixed with the jquery validate. (Pro version issue)

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    Fantastic product and service!

    Had some issues with the plugin, but the technical support took care of everything and was very good at communicating their progress.
    The plugin itself works fantastic! Its simple, easy to use, and I highly recommend it.

    WTTY Communication Solutionsbr

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