Clear Cart and Sessionsfor Woocommerce

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Prevent the potential loss of advertisement and purchase rate by resetting carts with WooCommerce clear cart plugin. You can empty the cart automatically at regular intervals to reduce cart abandonments. To engage users, you can redirect them to shop or relevant pages as the cart resets. Customers can manually clear carts with a customizable button.

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Features list:

  • Reset cart and session automatically

  • Specify the time in days, hours, minutes

  • Add the 'Empty Cart' button to the cart page

  • Personalize the 'Clear Cart' button

  • Set redirections for cart and session reset

January 15, 2021

WooCommerce version 2.6.0 or higher | Wordpress version 5.2 or higher

    Clear cart and session automatically

    Install the WooCommerce clear cart URL plugin and keep the purchase rate higher and the cart abandonment rate lower by automatically clearing the cart. Specify duration in days, hours, and minutes to empty the cart and delete sessions automatically. 

    Enable the 'Empty Cart' Button 

    With the clear cart WooCommerce plugin, You can add an ‘Empty Cart’ button for the ease of users so that they can instantly reset the cart and look for more appealing products and deals. 

    Redirect Users from Empty Cart

    WooCommerce clear cart and sessions let you redirect users to shop, category, or any other page after emptying their carts to make consider other catalog items and deals of their interest.

    Modify the 'Empty Cart' Button 

    With the clear cart and sessions for WooCommerce plugin, You can change the text and color of the ‘Empty Cart’ button to make it more impactful. It can be Clear Cart, Reset Cart, Remove All Items, etc.  

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