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Extend customer support and facilitation by logging into customers’ accounts and placing orders on behalf of them with WooCommerce shop as customer plugin. Customers who are unable to use or access your store can convey their orders by phone or email and let you generate orders on their behalf of them. You shop as a customer. For new users, you can shop as a guest customer. View customer's login history and switch between customer and admin modes without asking for credentials and permissions.

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  • Log in to your store as a customer

  • Place orders on account of customers 

  • Shop as a guest user or change between user roles

  • Access customer login history 

  • Find customers by name or email 

  • Add phone or email orders to the store's record 

  • Move between Admin and Customer mode

  • Use offline payments for orders

  • Restrict login as a customer by user roles

  • Compatible with User Role Editor

February 24, 2020

WooCommerce version 3.2.0 or higher | Wordpress version 4.6 or higher

    Login to Store as a Customer 

    The WooCommerce login as customer plugin gives you access to any customer's account so that you can log in and place orders on their behalf if they are unable to do so due to any reason.  

    Shop as Guest User

    You can shop as a guest user for your potential buyers who are not registered in your store yet. shop as customer for WooCommerce lets you switch to guest user role and place an order.  

    Access Customer login history 

    The WooCommerce create order for customer plugin gives you access to view custom login history in their accounts. You can export it to review their frequency of login and contact them on WhatsApp if an error is found.

    Search Customers by Email or Name 

    You can search for customers by their names or email addresses. The shop as client for WooCommerce plugin has made it easier for you to find customers and log in to their accounts.  

    Switch between different roles 

    Use your store as an admin or switch to any role or customer to check how different options and layout appears. You can try different approaches for testing store performance and functionality.  

    Order with Offline Payment 

    With the login as customer WooCommerce plugin, you can create orders with offline payment options as well. If your customer is unable to use the account and has paid through offline streams, you can update it to the store accordingly.  

    Restrict by user roles

    You can limit the functionality ‘Shop as a Customer’ to specific user roles of your stores. For example, you can allow only the store moderator to place orders on behalf of customers and stop others like contributors and subscribers. 

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