Shop as a Customerfor Woocommerce


Shop as a Customerfor Woocommerce


Allow store admin to log in and shop as customers from the front end to place orders on the customer’s behalf and troubleshoot. The WooCommerce Shop as Customer Plugin allows store administrators to log in as a customer on the front end of their store. Admins can act as customers, place orders on their behalf, and troubleshoot any problems they encounter. The extension also keeps a record of all admin logins for reference.

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  • Allow store administrators to log in and shop as customers.

  • Create orders on behalf of the customer.

  • Shop as a guest customer.

  • Switch between user and admin mode.

  • Ability to use offline payment method for order.

  • View customer login history from the login details.

  • Switch to another user role and allow selective user roles to login as customers.


February 24, 2020


WooCommerce version 3.2.0 or higher | Wordpress version 4.6 or higher

  • Life Time Support
  • 45 Days MoneyBack
  • Free LifeTime Updates

Login and Shop as Customer

Use the “Switch to Customer” link at the admin bar on the frontend and login as any customer you want. You can search for any customer and stat shopping as that customer.

Shop as Guest Customer

If you don’t want to login as a customer but still want to use the store as a customer, you can use the “Switch to Guest” feature. The shop as customer plugin allows you to login as august user and perform tasks without logging in as any customer.

Search Any Customer

With the WooCommerce Shop as a Customer feature, admins can effortlessly find any customers by searching for them using their name or email.

Check Customer Login History

The WooCommerce Login as Customer extension keeps login records in the customer log tab, allowing store admin to check the time and products details. You can also contact customers through WhatsApp for an easy communication.

Check Customer Details

The WooCommerce Login as Customer plugin allows store admins to choose any customer from the list to view their profile and orders, and switch to that specific customer account.

Easily Switch Back to Admin

Store admin can easily switch between and customer and the amdin by simply clicking the “Switch Back” button at the top bar.

Option for Offline Payment

The plugin makes it easy for store owners to place orders on behalf of customers by allowing offline payment.

Allow Selective User Roles to Login as Customer

Allow you team members to place orders and solve customer queries by enabling selective user roles to login as customers.

Benefits of Using the WooCommerce Login and Shop as Customer Plugin:

Here are some benefits of using the WooCommerce Shop as Customer plugin.

  • Enhanced Accessibility: Serve a broader customer base, including those preferring traditional shopping.

  • Streamlined Order Management: Simplify order creation and management processes, saving time and effort.

  • Improved User Experience: Offer a seamless shopping experience with flexible role switching and guest access features.

  • Increased Conversions: Capture orders via phone or email, converting offline inquiries into sales opportunities.

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