User Role Editorfor Woocommerce


User Role Editorfor Woocommerce


Our WooCommerce user roles plugin simplifies role assignment and editing for store managers and staff. Easily automate user role management with defined criteria and multiple rules for new users.

Set conditions for role improvement based on shopping behavior, assign roles for a specific duration, and schedule rules effortlessly. Stay informed with role change notifications, revoke roles as needed, and track role switching history.

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  • Edit User Roles to assign new ones
  • Automate user role switching
  • Create rules to manage user roles
  • Set criteria for role switching based on specific conditions
  • Assign new roles based on purchase behavior
  • Change user roles for a specific duration
  • Enable notifications for role changes
  • Exclude specific users from role switching rules
  • Track role switching history for admin and users.


October 22, 2021


WooCommerce version 2.6.0 or higher | Wordpress version 4.6 or higher

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Automatically Switch User Roles

Easily automate user role changes on your store with predefined rules. WooCommerce Role Manager automatically adjusts user roles based on various conditions such as purchase behavior, category selection, or total spending. Say goodbye to manual role assignments and let your store operate smoothly.

Assign Roles to New Users

Streamline user management by setting default roles for new registrants. Our WooCommerce Custom User Roles plugin simplifies user classification, ensuring seamless organization without extra hassle.

Add New User Roles and Assign Capabilities

With the WooCommerce custom roles plugin, you have the power to establish new user roles and tailor their capabilities to suit your needs. WooCommerce User Role Plugin empowers you to adjust the capabilities of both default and custom WooCommerce user roles. You can fine-tune the following capabilities for any user role:

  • Post capabilities

  • Page capabilities

  • Plugin capabilities

  • Theme capabilities

  • Core capabilities

  • User capabilities

  • File capabilities

  • Network capabilities

  • Site capabilities

Manage Multiple Rules

Efficiently create and manage multiple rules for user role management. With our WooCommerce Role Manager, set criteria and assign roles automatically, minimizing errors and conflicts.

User Role Switching Criteria

Define criteria for users to switch roles effortlessly. Conditions such as specific product purchases, category selections, or total spending can trigger role changes, enhancing user experience.

Schedule Rules

Schedule rules for user role switching, ensuring timely adjustments without manual intervention. Rules can be set for specific periods, streamlining role management.

Assign Time-Bound Roles

Assign user roles for a limited time frame with ease. Our WooCommerce Role Manager allows flexible role assignments, enabling users to test higher roles before extension.

Revoke User Roles

Effortlessly revoke user roles as needed. Our user WooCommerce Role Manager simplifies role management, ensuring users are comfortable with their assigned roles.

Notify Role Switching in Email

Keep users and admins informed about role changes with email notifications. Customize notification content to suit your store's requirements.

Exclude Users from Role Switching

Exclude specific users from role-switching rules to maintain role stability. For instance, keep contributor and admin roles unchanged to ensure smooth operation.

Track Role Switching History

Easily track role switching history for both admins and users. Stay informed about role changes and maintain transparency in user management.

Show/Hide Frontend Menu Items

Manage the display status of frontend menu items with WooCommerce User Role Editor Plugin. Admin can show/hide frontend menu items by choosing the following options.

  • All Users
  • Logged-in Users
  • Logged-out Users
  • Logged-in Users with Specific Rules


  • Simplifies User Management: Easily assign and edit user roles without manual intervention, streamlining store operations.
  • Enhances User Experience: Automate user role changes based on predefined criteria, improving user interaction and satisfaction.
  • Minimizes Errors: Manage multiple rules for user role editing, reducing errors and conflicts in role assignments.
  • Increases Efficiency: Schedule rules for user role switching and assign time-bound roles, saving time and effort.
  • Improves Communication: Notify users and admins about role changes via email notifications, ensuring transparency and communication.
  • Provides Flexibility: Exclude specific users from role-switching rules and track role switching history for better control and management
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