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FME Auction Magento Extension allows you to sell products on auction. A separate auction page is created which display products that are currently available on auction. Customers can click on any product to view current bid information and they can easily place their bid. This module supports auto and manual bidding. Customers can monitor bidding from their accounts whereas admin can manage biddings from the admin panel. Read below to learn about extensive features of this module or click on Demo.

  • e-Bay style bidding, uses AJAX, supports multiple winners
  • Notify customers on bid placements and updates
  • Supports auto and manual bidding
  • Track all bids, easily manage, Fully customizable

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Created 11 Apr 2014
Compatible 1.5,1.6,1.7,1.8,1.9

Magento Auction Extension by FME allows you to sell items on auction. It enables bidding on your website products just like e-bay. This module is multi-store enabled, uses AJAX, and supports multiple winners based on the stock status. This module creates an auction page on your website where customers can view available products for bidding, they will have to login before bidding. Customers who bid on any item will get notified on updates such as on higher bid placement, auction completed etc.

Magento auction module uses AJAX, hence the whole bidding process does not involve any page reload. The product page displays necessary information regarding bid such as,

  • Total bids
  • Current Bid
  • Current Bidder
  • Start Price and time
  • Closing Time
  • Time left in closing
  • ‘Watch This’ link that will keep customers updated on bidding over that specific item.
  • User-friendly validation and error messages

Admin can view and manage complete auction information on the backend. Each product has following Settings:

Auction Information

This section allows you to configure the following information:

  • Product name
  • Initial Price and Reserved Price (The min. price at which the item will be sold).
  • Start and End time
  • Min and Max Intervals ( for updating bids)
  • Select the Store View
  • Enable Multiple winners
  • Select the status of bid such as processing, complete or closed etc.

Auto and Manual bids in Magento Bidding extension

This auction module supports manual and auto bids. Auto bids help those customers who cannot spend so much time following up on each bid and then re-post the higher bid. By choosing auto-bid, customer will enter the max amount and the system will automatically places bid for them multiple times.

Admin can view complete details of each bidder (manual or auto) that includes the following:

  • General information such as Bidder name, price, product and time etc.
  • Auction information such as initial price, start and end time etc.
  • Customer information such as name, email, address etc.
  • Product details

Watches and Winners

These sections allow admin to keep track of who are following up on bids and who are the winners.

Transactions Manager

This section will list all the auction orders in a grid.

Configuration Features of Magento Auction Extension

Following are the configuration features of this module:

  • Enter the custom message for bid winner
  • Allow customers to change auto bid price for multiple times
  • Include/exclude tax
  • Email configuration such as notice to new bidder, watcher, admin etc.
  • Configure email messages.

Bid Information for Customers

Customers can keep track of all their biddings from their accounts. New tabs labeled as, My Bids, My Auto Bids, and Bid watchers are added on the left navigation, which display information about bids.

Email Notifications

Notifications are sent out to bidder, admin and watchers on all occasions such as when new bid is placed, on highest bid, auction completed etc.

How it Works

Auction Module by FME is extremely easy to use and configure. Let’s start with basic configuration before working on products.


This section allows you to configure following settings:

  • Enable/disable extension
  • Set message for winner customers
  • Enable customer to change the price for auto bid
  • Enable tax on bidding
  • Configure email notifications for bidder, admin and watcher.

Manage Auctions

Auctions Manager grid displays all the available items for auction. The list can be exported to CSV file as well. Click on add auction button to select a product for auction and then you can make following settings:

  • Set Product name, initial/reserved bid price, start and end date.
  • Select maximum number of winners for the product.
  • Configure min and max intervals for bidding
  • Select store view and status.
  • View bid and bidders information in detail
  • View and monitor auto bids, watchers and winners.

Manage Transaction

This section allows you to monitor auction orders.

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  • "

    thank you very much

    I confirm now I can add auction, place bid, view bids, I will still need to test on completing bids...I will submit a new ticket if I have any issues on testing to complete bids.

    thank you very much

    Jingyi Zhaobr
  • "

    Got a Quick Auction running

    Amazing features for a very reasonable price. This extension saved the day. Support was actually supporting us all the way. I know i can count on these guys


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