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Magento Facebook discount extension is a unique social tool that enables the store owners to give promotional discounts to their customers upon Facebook like. Your customers are asked to like your Facebook page by clicking on your store’s page banner displayed in the shopping cart. Instantly the discount will apply after the customer’s Facebook profile information is verified. Store owners can set the discounts by creating flexible shopping cart rules which will apply automatically once the customer likes the page and orders. Promote your business on Facebook, give FB discount in return and grow your business, all in one go!

  • Customers who like your page will get discounts
  • Create flexible shopping cart rules to set FB discounts which will run automatically
  • Discount details shown on order page and invoice
  • Facebook like discount banner is shown in cart

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Created 17 Mar 2014
Compatible 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9

Magento Facebook discount extension is a distinct tool that allows the store owners to initiate the viral marketing through discount giveaways for their customers. The business owners can create flexible shopping cart rules that will apply directly by Facebook like in Magento cart. The discount will be applied as per the shopping cart rule(s) created by the store admin.

The Facebook like discount banner will be displayed in the shopping cart section before stepping into checkout section. When the customer clicks the like button, a redirect window will open that will take them to their Facebook profile. The discount will apply only if their Facebook profile information is verified. For that purpose, create a Facebook app and make it live. Once the visitor clicks the “Facebook Like” button, the app verifies their information and automatically the discount are applied. Not only the registered, but the guest visitors can also avail FB discount just by liking the Facebook page. Magento Facebook like discount extension can allow your customers to have updates regarding your products, promotions or any special offer and in this way you can maintain a positive interaction with them. The store administrator can create flexible shopping cart rules or use the ones already created that will automatically be picked up by your store when the customer likes your store’s Facebook page. One customer can avail discount only once.

Facebook App Creation - Increase Your Business Ratings

This extension allows you to create Facebook app which is required in order to extract and verify customer details from their FB profiles once the page is liked. When the visitors like your page, ultimately the number of clicks on your page and app will increase that increases the rating of your business thus attracting more customer.

Promotional Discounts on Facebook Like

Magento FB discount extension allows the store owners to offer exciting discounts to their customers on Facebook Like. The discounts are valid till the like and it will terminate once the page is liked.

Display Customized Banner Image

You can also upload desired images on the FB Like Discount banner to be displayed in the shopping cart page of your store. This way you can keep changing it according to different events and your requirement.

General Features of Magento Facebook Like Discount Extension:

  • Offer discounts to your customers upon Facebook like
  • Signed-in and registered, both types of visitors can like Facebook page
  • Create flexible shopping cart rules to set FB discounts
  • Desired coupon codes can be set for desired discounts
  • Discounts are applied automatically as the page is liked and the customer information verified
  • Create Facebook app and automatically it will link with your store
  • Multi-store view functionality
  • Get noticed among the Facebook circles and create a brand awareness
  • Improved ratings of your store as more visitors like your Facebook page and app.
  • Facebook like discount banner displayed in cart section of your store that will redirect the visitors to your Facebook page
  • Discount details are mentioned in checkout page
  • Details of the discount also viewable in order view page
  • Printing order area also contains discount details
  • You can upload desirable banner images from the backend that will be displayed on the shopping cart page
  • The discount amount can be customized from the backend
  • Desirable Facebook page link can be set from the backend

How it Works

Magento FB Discount extension is a small but very useful tool for online store owners. The functionally of the extension is also very easy. After successful installation, navigate to “FME Extensions” -> “FB Discount”. To understand how to use this extension, follow the steps below.

Create Shopping Cart Rules

Before going through the configurations of the extension, make sure you have created the shopping cart rules which will be added in the configurations. To create a new shopping cart rule, navigate to “Promotions” from the main menu bar and select “Shopping Cart Price Rules” from the drop-down menu. In this section, click “Add New Rule” to create a new promotional rule for FB Discount according to your requirements. Here you will find following settings;

General Information

  • Enter a unique name and brief description of the rule.
  • Set its status as active.
  • Select the customer group(s) you want to include. The rule will be applied on them.
  • Select “specific coupon” option to enable it in discount.
  • You can define how many times the coupon can be used by one customer.
  • Finally set the validity date of the rule.


In this section, create conditions that would serve as parameters for the rule to apply. Click “All” button and then select “ALL” or “ANY” and then click the “True” button to select “TRUE” or “FALSE” according to your need.

Set Actions

In this section, you can manage and update prices when the defined parameter of the rule is met. Here, set the following options;

  • Choose an option whether you want to apply the discount as; percent of product price, fixed amount discount, fixed amount discount for whole cart or Buy X and get Y free.
  • Select the discount amount you want to set.
  • Enter the maximum number of products to which the discount will apply.
  • If the rule is based on Buy X get Y Free, enter a number in the Discount Qty Step (Buy X) field to specify how often the discount can be used at a given time. For example, if the rule says, “Buy 2, get 1 free,” and the customer buys 6 products, do they get 3 products for free? You can put a limit on the number of times the rule can be applied to a single sale.

Create Facebook Application

  • To create Facebook application, register yourself as a developer on
  • Navigate to “Apps” on the main menu bar and login to your Facebook account.
  • Once logged-in, go to “Apps” -> “Create a New App” to create a new application.
  • A popup will appear where you can enter a name of app or the website.
  • Optionally you can also enter a unique identifier for the app.
  • Choose a category related to your app. Ideally select “Business” category.
  • Click on “create app” once you are done with all the settings.

Facebook Application – Going Live

  • Once the app is created, go to the dashboard and navigate to “settings” tab on the left panel. Here, enter your contact email to complete the app settings
  • Then navigate to “Status & Reviews” tab on the left panel of dashboard. Click the “YES” button and a popup window will open which will ask for your approval to make the app available for general public. Click “confirm” and proceed forward.
  • Once done, you will see an online green sign next to the app name. Once the app is live, proceed again to “Settings” tab and there you can see “App ID” and “App Secret” motioned for your app. Copy these fields and proceed forward.

Configurations of Magento Facebook Discount Extension:

Go to “FME Extensions” -> “FB Discount” and click on configuration to start configuring the settings. In this section, you will find following options to configure;

General Information:

  • Enable the extension to start using its features.
  • Enter the desired link of Facebook page of the store for customers to like.
  • Paste the copied “App ID” and “App Secret” from the Facebook app settings.
  • Enter a customized message regarding discount to be displayed on cart.
  • You can upload a customized Facebook like discount image that you want to display on cart page.
  • Select a coupon code from the already created shopping cart rule to be applied on the FB Discount.
  • Click on “Select Code” option to select coupon codes shown in a grid. Click on “Save Config” and the Coupon Code will applied on cart when a customer clicks on Like Button on cart page

Frontend Display:

FB Discount Banner View

After all the settings are made, the extension is ready to be used. FB Discount banner will be displayed on top of the shopping cart page.

FB Like – Discount Applied

Once in the shopping cart, when the customer clicks the “Like” button and automatically he will be redirected to his profile for Facebook like, if already logged-in, otherwise the sign in page will popup therefore, requesting to log-in first before proceeding ahead. App will require permission to get access to customer data. Once the page is liked, instantly the discount will be applied on the respective product(s). The discount details can be viewed in the order details section within the shopping cart.

Check all the features on “Demo” section. For questions, please visit the FAQ section, filling a short form will connect you to us.


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    I have bought two, Facebook like and social login - both works fine. Easy to install and configure using step by step guides


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