Like to Download (1.1)

Facebook like to Download Magento extension is a social media marketing module, that allows you to earn more likes, shares and customers on Facebook. In order to download a free product on your website, customers will have to hit the ‘Like’ button on a product page. Spread the words of mouth, get social media recommendations through this awesome module.

  • Get new Facebook like for each download
  • Customers will have to login through Facebook account before they like your product
  • Once liked, the product is visible on freinds feed on facebook
  • Customers can add comments while sharing on Facebook

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Created 03 Sep 2014
Compatible 1.5,1.6,1.7,1.8,1.9

By using Facebook Like to Download Magento Extension by FME, your customers will have to like your Facebook Page before they can download a free product. In this way, you earn Facebook likes and shares whenever any user tries to download your free product. This also helps gain more customers from Facebook, because every user who tries to download your product will have to like it, making it the most recommended product on your site as well as on social media. The download button on a product page becomes active only when a customer has clicked on the ‘Like’ button. This ‘Like’ button is displayed instead of the download button on a product page.

This social media Magento module allows you to grow your social presence on Facebook, earn more links, shares and Facebook likes. Customers will be able to share your product on Facebook in different groups, communities by adding their own comments, spreading words of mouth and viral marketing.

Key Features:

  • Get new Facebook like for each download
  • Grow your social presence, get more customers from Facebook
  • Customers can share your products, and add their own comments
  • Social media recognition serves as a quality signal for search engines
  • Boost traffic
  • Easy words of mouth, and viral marketing

How it Works

In order to make this module work, you just have to enter your Facebook app ID and secret. Next, a Facebook Like button will be displayed on your free products’ pages. Your customers will see this button, unless they click on it, they will not be able to download any product.


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