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Magento follow up emails extension is an effective tool to manage relationship with your customers in a productive way. It helps the store owners to maintain a link with the customers by keeping in touch with them through customer follow up emails on events like; new order placed, abandoned cart, order completed, birthdays, thanks giving, Christmas, holidays etc. You can set easy to create promotional rules and set up the parameters for emails that are automatically generated. Increase your sales with Follow up Email Magento module.

  • Send followup emails to customers on; Birthdays, special holidays, sign up, login, incomplete order, abandoned cart, new order and many more
  • Generate discount coupons and send via emails
  • Set up email chain with unlimited tiers
  • Keep a track of followup emails through email log

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Created 20 Dec 2013
Compatible 1.5,1.6,1.7,1.8,1.9

Magento Follow up extension is a useful tactical tool for catching customers in an intuitive way. Send automatically generated follow up email to stay in touch with them. The store owners can create promotional rules to define parameters with which they can retain the customers and keep them interested in their products.

The store owners can create simple cart rules to set the discount for their current customers to retain them and to develop a one to one relationship with them. These rules will then be attached with the rules created using this extension where the parameters for sending the emails as per the events like; customer log in, abandoned cart, new order placed etc will be defined. A proper schedule of can also be created and maintained in-order-to manage the frequency of the emails. To manage the discount properly, this extension allows the store owners to create and assign discount coupons for the customers, especially the ones having abandon cart. Include the coupons in the abandoned cart email to activate the interest of the dead leads. You can also send order follow up emails to the customers who have placed a new order or their order is either on-hold or cancelled die to some reason. Get back to them and have their feedback for further improvement. Establish stronger relationships, increase customers' loyalty and as a result get more consequent sales.

Promotional Rules in Followup email Magento Extension:

You can create flexible promotional rules and sent via email according to different user activities so as to let them know their value and to increase their loyalty with your business. You can create different rules for difference customers groups according to your requirement. Easy to understand conditions can be set to further define parameters for rule to apply. The conditions can be set on any product(s), category or even complete store. These rules can easily be attached with the rules already defined by you for shopping cart.

Increased Customer Managed Relationship with Current Customers:

With the Magento Customer Follow up email extension, you can keep a one-to-one relationship with the customers by remembering them in their happy moments and deal with them exclusively. You can send exclusive greetings to your customers on their birthdays and design special promotions and include that in the birthday email according to their needs and interests. Show some care and win their hearts!

Apart from that, you can also keep in touch with your customers by having constant feedback and followup through emails. This interaction can be beneficial in two ways; firstly, your customer will start thinking about you and second, you will get an idea about the change in trends and the psychology of your customer’s buying behavior.

Convert Abandoned Cart into Sales:

This extension allows the store owners to recapture their abandoned cart as well. Get in touch with the customers with incomplete order, drop them an abandoned cart email, offer discounts by creating promotional rules and drive them to complete their order. Building the relationship with the customers is ever so easy with customer follow up email feature of this extension.

Review and Track Follow up Emails via Log:

Keep track of the follow up emails sent to any customer group on related event. You can keep a track of which are sent and which are to be sent on upcoming events or any customer related activity. Furthermore, you can also track the customer events on your store and design followup emails accordingly.

Utilize Followup Emails to the Core – Get Maximum Out of It:

With this extension, you can earn a lot of benefits as you can attract users to be your customers by sending personalized customer followup emails on special events like birthdays, thanks giving, Christmas or any other. This will help to build a strong repo with potential customers. You can generate discount coupons that can be sent via emails to boost your sales.

Key Features of Magento Follow up emails Extension:

  • Send followup emails to customers on; Birthdays, special holidays, sign up, login, incomplete order, abandoned cart, new order and many more
  • Generate discount coupons and send via emails
  • Set up email chain with unlimited tiers
  • Create easy, flexible and unlimited promotional rules
  • Can create customized template emails to be sent
  • Keep a track of followup emails through email log
  • Supports both Newsletter and Transactional Email templates
  • Restore your abandoned cart by sending followup emails with attractive discounts
  • Can set ‘not to send email’ once a specific event is complete
  • Schedule email frequency according to events
  • Send out an email just before/ on your customer's birthday

How it Works

Magento Follow up Emails extension is a simple and very easy to use application. To understand the functionality, please follow the steps below.


After successful installation, start by navigating to “FME Extensions” -> “Follow up Emails” -> Configurations. In the “General Settings” section, you will find following options;

  • Enable the extension to start using the functionality
  • Select the default sender to send the emails
  • You can set the days till when you want to keep the emails. After that period, the email log will be deleted automatically. You can keep it empty to save the log for lifetime.
  • Select the store view where you want the follow up email rules to apply.


Follow up email Magento extension is very easy and flexible to use tool. Go through the below steps to understand how to use the extension.

Create Shopping Cart Rule(s)

Start by going to “Promotions” section on the main menu and select “Shopping Cart Rules”. Here you have to create a new promotional rule that will be assigned to follow up email rules.

To create a new rule, click on “Add Rule” button in this section. New window will open where you have to enter the information, set conditions; as to which product(s) the rule will apply and then set discount amount you want to offer.

Create Template Followup Email

The next step is to create a template of followup email to be used later, if it is already not created. To create a new template email, go to the main menu bar and select “System” -> “Transactional Emails”. In this section, click “Add New Template”. Here, follow these steps;

  • Select the email type as “Template” from the drop-down list.
  • Click on the “Load Template” button.
  • Set the name of the template as “Follow up Email”
  • .
  • The content will automatically be generated as the “Load Template” button is clicked.

Once done with the settings, click on the “Save Template” button to save all the settings.

Rules Manager

Once done with above mentioned settings, proceed to “FME Extensions” -> “Rules Manager”. Here you can create and manage rules for follow up emails. To create a new rule, click on the “Add Rule” button in this section.

Rule Information:

In this section, you can start by entering the rule information. Here, follow these steps;

  • Enter a unique name.
  • Select “Enable” to make the rule active.
  • Select the validity dates of the promotion.
  • Select the event / customer activity on which the rule will be applied.
  • In “Cancel Event”, select the events / activities when occurred, the rule terminate.
  • Select the store view where the rule will be applied.
  • Select the customer group(s) on which the rule will be effective.
  • Schedule the follow up email for this rule.
    • Set the frequency as to when or after how many days/hours/minutes the email will be sent. Select the follow up email template created by you.


      In this section, select the conditions as a parameter for the rule to apply. Select from attribute set or by category respectively.

      Sender Information:

      In this section, write down the information about the sender of those followup emails. Usually it is the store’s admin credentials that are entered here. You can also mention a second email where you can have the copy of the email sent.


      In this section, you can activate the coupon feature for this rule. Select “Yes” to activate it. Attach a shopping cart rule with this rule to give discount to the customers. Furthermore, you can also set the expiry of the coupon, i.e for how many days it will be remain valid.

      Test Mail:

      You can also test mail before sending it to the customer to check for any mistakes. Therefore, making sure it is fool-proof.

      Once all the customization is complete, click on “Save Rule” button to save all the changes.

      Email Logs – After Sending Follow up Emails to Customers

      Once any event occurs on your web-store, automatically emails will be generated and viewable in this section. You can manually select the desired customer follow up email and send it to the customer. Here you can also keep a track of the events and followup accordingly.

      Check all the features on “Demo” section. For questions, please visit the FAQ section, filling a short form will connect you to us


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    Review From Magento Connect

    “I was reluctant to buy as it's from a new company. Your support team told me it’s fme's partner company. It works great for me and saved me some money as well ;-) ”

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    Requires time for configuring but it paysoff well

    I had to spend a lot of time in configuration but works fine now. I suggest improving the product manual.

    Joshua Henbr
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    room for improvement is there

    Integrates well with my email marketing strategy, Few more features that I need, can’t afford customization now but I will get this soon

    Danni Techbr

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