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Magento Layered Navigation Extension lets your customers search for products by different product attributes such as category, brands, and price. This module uses AJAX, hence your customers can apply search filters, sorting and switch layouts without page reloads. It also includes Shop by Brands functionality. Search filters are automatically generated based on the type of products and are displayed on the category pages. Click on Demo or read below to learn more.

Created 20 Dec 2013
Compatible 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9

FME Magento Layered Navigation Module allows your website visitors to search for products by the different product attributes e.g. customers can filter electronics equipment by brand, category, price etc. This Ajax Navigation Magento extension has built-in shop by brands functionality. Navigation filters appear in the left column of category pages.  These filters are automatically generated, displayed, and updated on category pages based on the type of products.

Customers can select different navigation options at once without any page reloads, which ensures that your customers do not have to wait repeatedly.  This extension minimizes the server requests that are required to fetch the category products by using its intelligent algorithm. Your customers can now apply different search filters, sorting, and switch views in no time.

Key Features –Magento Ajax Layered Navigation

  • Ajax based filtering – No Page reloads: 
  • Customers can apply search filters at once on category pages instead of one by one.
  • Different types of Search filters are automatically generated and shown on category pages.
  • Links that are generated from layered navigation are automatically removed to avoid duplicate content issues.
  • Admin can enable/disable page reload for category navigation
  • Show icons for colors
  • Show price filter in a slider or input type
  • Uses breadcrumbs like category display
  • Extremely quick navigation

SEO Benefits

This module removes all the links generated from layered navigation and therefore, it allows you to provide best customer experience without comprising search engine rankings. 

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Change Log 1.1

  • Default price is not working(fixed)
  • Some color icon are missing(fixed)
  • Not working on 1.9 rwd theme.(fixed)
  • Javascript error on installation.(fixed)
  • Showing double check and checked option at same time.(fixed)
  • Filter not reset while click on main menu (fixed)
  • Direct go page to from pagination the price filter is not working(fixed)
  • Design issue is solved.
  • Change category name if the click on another category.(Added)

How it Works

Layered Navigation extension automatically generates, display and updates search filters based on the type of category products. Once you have installed this extension, you can configure following settings if you require;

  • Enable breadcrumbs like category display
  • Select the design of price filter e.g. slider or input
  • Enable/Disable ‘Remove links from the Navigation’, this will remove duplicate content issues.
  • Enable reset filters while click on another category
  • Enable reload page while click on another category
  • Show Icons for colors

Product Faqs

  • how can i use this extension on magento 1.9 as i have download and installed this extension in my magento store .but this is not working so can you please provide me the solution for this problem.

    Thank you for downloading our free extension. Please touch base with to get further assistance.
  • If there are no products in response the filter , the loading does not hide, how to resolve this issue??

    Please touch base with to get further assistance.
  • Its show fine in front end but not supporting ajax . i am new in magento so give me suggestion for its setting.

    Ajax works fine in our extension, may be there is JS conflict in your template/store, you need to check all JS errors.

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    After searching a product, On the search result page the filter was not working. Can you help me regarding this

  • "

    Good Extension but all the attribute options are not coming

    Like if there are five colors then only two colors with checkbox are showing and there is no option for scroll the option.Please add code for the scroll option too.

  • "

    FREE !!!

    Thanks for such a great FREE extension. Works great and completely responsive.

  • "

    Bug on Default Mode Price Filter

    I have Selected Default option in Price filter but it was not working on default Option

  • "


    Where i can get download link?

    Magento 1.9br

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