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Greet your customers with attractive popups by using Magento Popup extension. Display static blocks in popup window on home page, CMS, Category and products pages, individually. Magento Popup window is fully responsive; you can configure its height, width and transition effects. Select your target customer groups and market valuable information effectively. Click on DEMO to view all the features of this Popup Magento extension.

  • Display responsive and customize-able popups
  • Restrict popups to a selected customer groups or store views
  • Create static blocks and display in popups
  • Display on Home, Products, Categories & CMS pages

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Created 25 Aug 2014
Compatible 1.5,1.6,1.7,1.8,1.9

Popup Magento extension allows you to advertise products, display news or other important information through attractive popup window on home page, CMS, products, and Category pages. This Magento pop-up module allows you to display static blocks in a popup window. You can create and manage global popups or individual ones for your internal website pages.

Magento pop-up window module allows you to select the target customer group and store view in which the popup will be displayed. Create static blocks as per your requirements; add images, text, banners etc. You can also customize the dimensions of a popup window from the backend as well as configure start and vanish delay settings.

Magento popup message extension gives you a perfect opportunity to notify your customers about new offers, events, news etc.

Key Features of Magento popup extension:

  • Popup any static block on any page of your site
  • Display popup blocks on different pages of your site such as CMS page, product, category and Home page
  • Select your target customer groups for individual popup
  • Popup window is fully responsive
  • Customize the width and height of popup window
  • Configure the start and vanish delay settings for popup window
  • Create a global popup which will be displayed on all pages.
  • Display popup always or only for once
  • Set the title of popup
  • Create unlimited popups and associate with products, categories or website pages

How it Works

After installing the Magento pop-up window extension, navigate to the configuration and make appropriate changes

Popup Configurations of Pop-up Magento Extension

In this section, you can enable/disable the popup on different pages of your site such as CMS pages, Category or other pages. Select the appropriate value from the dropdown.

Global Popup

Global popup is the one which is displayed on all pages of your site. This section has the following settings:

  • a) Static Block: select the static block from the drop down that will be displayed in a popup
  • b) Popup Display: If you want to display popup always, select ‘always’ from the drop down
  • c) Customer Groups: Select the target customer groups who will be able to see this global popup

Popup Settings of Magento Popup Extension

You can configure width, height, start delay and vanish delay settings in this section.

Popup Manager

Popup manager allows you add unlimited popups on different pages of your site. Click on Add Popup button and then you can perform following actions:

  • a) Popup Tab: Enter the label, select static block to be displayed in the popup, choose the target customer groups and display settings. You can also enable/disable the popup from this section
  • b) CMS Tab: Click on this tab to select the CMS pages on which newly defined popup will be displayed. This tab will display all the available CMS pages, where you can select multiple pages.
  • c) Store views: Select the target store view in which the popup will be enabled
  • d) Associated Products: Select the products against which the popup will be shown
  • e) Associated Categories: Select the categories against which the popup will be shown

And that is all you have to do. For questions, please contact our support team (support.fmeextensions.com).

Product Faqs

  • What version of magento does this work for? Will it work on community 1.7?

    Yes it will work with 1.5 and above :)

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    Good work guys

    Good support as well, need to improve product in way that we don't have to contact for support.

    David br
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    thank you very much

    It appears to work fine . ..
    site: edventures.com

    Hein Mastenbroekbr
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    Popup screen is attractive and responsive. Recommended.

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    it works

    Installed on local and Yes it works! Thanks i hope this will also be a solution on the live!

    Dennis Nautabr

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