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Magento Product reviews Extension offers you a convenient way to obtain more customer review and display them impressively on a product page. Magento review extension shows average ratings (with stars), top rated reviews, social sharing widget for each review and much more. Click on Magento Reviews Extension DEMO to see the all features.

  • Dispatch automatic email to customer for a review
  • Average ratings as well as individual rating of quality, price and value
  • Top rated reviews
  • Social sharing icons for each review
  • Review Comments and reply feature

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Created 10 Jun 2014
Compatible 1.5,1.6,1.7,1.8,1.9

Magento testimonials extension is a product reviews booster which allows you to obtain customer reviews and display them on product page. Customer reviews not only help you to convert more customers but they also serve as a strong reputation signal to search engines. Hence, more reviews on a product page makes it more trustworthy source for your target audience.

Magento reviews and ratings module allows you to display review form in a popup from where the customer can select rating of quality, price and value metrics, as well as add review along with a summary. All reviews are sent to admin for moderation. Product page displays the following information:

General Features of Magento Review Extension

  • Average ratings as well as individual rating of quality, price and value
  • Top rated reviews
  • Social sharing icons for each review
  • Comments and reply
  • Add a review form button

Key Features of Magento Product Reviews Extension:

  • Average rating of product is computed and displayed in a filtered way
  • Number of each star (5,4,3,2,1) is shown using a progress bar
  • Reviews are sorted by most rated ones
  • Registered customers can either vote up or vote down any review
  • Admin can reply to reviews, which will be displayed beneath the respective review
  • Social sharing widget is provided with each review
  • Recent reviews sidebar, configurable from the backend
  • Request for review is email to customers after they purchase any item from your site
  • Customers can add review on products page
  • Display review form in a popup on product page

Review Plus Sidebar Features of Magento Testimonial Extensions

  • Reviews in sidebar can be enabled/disabled
  • Order review by date in sidebar
  • Limit the number of reviews shown in a sidebar
  • Select the max length of text
  • Enable rating stars
  • Enable/disable reviews for current category/product

Feedback Configuration in Magento Testimonials Extension:

With Magento review booster, you can ask customers to review products which they purchase from your site. Automated email will be sent to them with following features of Magento Rating Extension

  • a) Enter the subject line
  • Reviews reminder options
  • b) Enter body and footer contents
  • c) Request feedback for number of products
  • d) Add footer link text
  • e) Add URL for feedback button
  • f) Select the delay in feedback request email such as immediately after an order, after 1 day etc.
  • g) Enable test mode, in this mode, emails will be sent to admin for testing purpose. This allows you to experiment before making everything live

How it Works

Magento Customer reviews extension is simple and all you need to do is configure the following settings:

Basic Configurations of Magento Review Reminder

  • a) Enable/disable the review module
  • b) Enable/disable review form popup

    Review Plus Sidebar Settings:

    • a) Enable reviews in sidebar
    • b) Enable sorting method which is ‘Order by Date’
    • c) Limit maximum number of reviews in sidebar
    • d) Limit the max. amount of review text in sidebar
    • e) Enable rating stars
    • f) Enable current category/product reviews

    Feedback configurations of Magento Review Extension

    This section allows you to configure the settings for email that is sent to customers:

    • a) Enable/disable feedback configuration
    • b) Add subject, body and footer contents
    • c) Enter the number of products on which feedback is requested
    • d) Enter footer link text
    • e) Enter destination URL for feedback button
    • f) Enter delay in feedback request
    • g) Enable test mode: this mode allows you to test before actually sending out emails. In this mode all emails are sent to admin.

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