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Magento knowledge base extension allows you to build support portal, where customers can get answers to their questions, post questions, commenting out and so forth. This module includes rich set of features to manage questions, answers, comments and moderation. You can create relevant topics for users, which are displayed on the support portal landing page. Click on Demo to view all features or continue reading below.

  • Creates Stackoverflow style Q/A knowledge base section.
  • Customers can ask questions easily, categorized in topics.
  • Search bar and ask a question link is displayed in the right column.
  • Manage all comments, fully customizable.

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Created 11 Apr 2014
Compatible 1.5,1.6,1.7,1.8,1.9

Magento support extension allows you to create interactive & rich knowledge base section on your website just like Stack overflow or any other questions/answers portal. This module creates a landing page on your website for online support, where customers find answers to most commonly asked questions as well as they can ask multiple questions and get answered by the community. This plugin creates useful user generated data, which is helpful for both customers and your website ranks in search results.

Following are the features of this knowledge based Magento extension.

Magento Support Portal

The community support-landing page has following features:

  • Add Content, Configure SEO settings and other features.
  • Customers can ask a question by filling a short form.
  • It displays categories and latest questions.
  • Search bar is displayed on the right column.
  • Recent questions and ‘Ask a question’ form is also shown on right column.

Ask A Question Form

  • Customers will have to login before posting a questions.
  • You can add content and configure SEO settings for this form.

Questions and Answers Section – Features


  • You can create different topics/categories for Q/A
  • You can limit the number of categories shown on landing page
  • You can Add content, configure SEO settings, and select store view
  • You can make sub-categories as well

Manage Q/A

There is a separate section on the backend for managing questions as well as answers. The questions manager allows you to post a question in relevant topics, configure SEO settings, select store view and category etc. On the other hand, answers manager enables you to moderate answers posted by users.

  • You can configure sort order for questions which appear on the frontend
  • Limit max. number of questions per page
  • Limit max. number of latest questions which are shown on landing page
  • Set recent questions limit

Manage Comments

Users can post questions, answers and comments. This section allows you to moderate comments from the backend.

User Profiles

Users can upload avatar and manage their profiles from their accounts. This section allows admin to enable/disable any user.

How it Works

How It works:

This module is extremely easy to configure and use. Login to admin panel and start with the configuration.


This section allows you to configure settings for support landing page, Ask a question form, categories and questions. You can add content for landing page and ask a question page form this section.

Manage Categories

Create and manage categories so that questions can be posted in relevant topics. You can add content, select parent category if any, select store view and configure general settings.

Manage Questions

You can add questions and configure settings such as URL, store view, and parent category if any.

Manage answers

This section allows you to moderate answers.

Manage Comments

This section allows you to moderate comments posted by users.

Profile Images

Enable or disable any user profile from this section.

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