Abandoned Cart (1.0)

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Recover cart abandonment by sending automated reminder emails to customers. Add discount coupons, images, tracking codes, restore links etc. in customer followup emails. This OpenCart abandoned cart module shows cart abandonment stats in a graph view. Click on DEMO to view all the features.

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Created 22 Jan 2015

Followup with your customers on abandoned carts by sending them reminder emails, include coupons and discounts, and bring them back to your site to complete the purchase. This abandoned cart OpenCart extension improves conversion rate and decreases cart abandonment. You can set the email reminder limit and number of days to hold before a cart is considered abandoned.

The discount amount can be in percentage or fixed price. You can customize the email subject and message body with the help of rich text editor. Whether your cart abandonment is due to high shipping costs or it is due to high prices, this module allows you to follow-up and engage with all those customers who left the cart abandoned. View cart abandonment statistics in a graphical view as well as the use of coupons.

It is now easier for your customers to restore their carts; customer reminder email will include a link back to the cart, by clicking on which previous session will be resumed. This OpenCart recovery plugin displays all the abandoned cart entries in a grid that shows detailed information such as items in the cart, data of visits, IP address, customer details, and finally you have an option to delete or send a reminder manually.

Key features of OpenCart abandoned cart Module:

  • Automatically send customer reminder emails on cart abandonment (you can also send reminders manually)
  • Takes one click to restore cart
  • Track all the cart abandonment entries easily in a grid
  • Track customers actions
  • View stats in a graphical view
  • Automatically generates coupons for users who left the cart without completing an order. These coupons are attached to emails
  • Send discounts in customer followup emails
  • Create catchy email templates to greet customers on cart abandonment
  • Include promotions in reminder emails
  • You can set the time period to hold a cart entry before considering it abandoned
  • You can set reminder limits
  • Set discount type such as no discount, fixed, or in percentage
  • Enable automatic reminders
  • Configure discount amount and validity

Click on DEMO to view all these features live.

How it Works

Once the extension is installed, click on settings and follow these guidelines:


  • Configure Number of days to hold before cart is considered abandoned.
  • Configure email reminder limits
  • Set discount type, no discount, fixed or percentage. If you choose the option 'No discount', you will have to remove the following codes from the mail template: {discount_code}, {discount_value}, {total_amount} and {date_end}
  • Configure discount amount and its validity
  • Configure automated reminders
  • Create email subject and body

Abandoned Cart

This section allows you to view all the abandoned cart entries with following details:

  • Customer information
  • and price
  • First and last visit information
  • Last URL
  • IP address
  • Finally, you can either delete any entry or manually send a reminder

Click on statistics tab to view stats in a graphical format


This section lists all the automatically generated coupons which can be included in the reminder emails.

Coupons Used

This section lists all those coupons which have been previously used

For more information, please contact our support.

Product Faqs

  • secondly i want to exactly things if someone enters their email into newsletter then afterwards he go towards checkout if he closes down never shop that newsletter email will be inserted to abandoned cart

    This would require customization. After the changes, email add can be picked from the newsletter field for the abandoned cart.
  • How your abandoned cart works?

    Abandoned cart will initiate as soon the product enters the cart and keeps on updating according to the step on cart/checkout. You can see all the abandoned carts on your store from back-end where the grid is located and can manually send the reminder to owners as well (if their email address exists). There's also a functionality for (automatic) schedule reminder where reminders are sent using cron jobs on the server (configurable). you can also issue a coupon for the customer in order to get them back on the store (configurable). This is a built-in feature in the extension, as soon you enter the product to cart and also on checkout, on each step the abandoned cart on back-end keep updating.

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    Useful extension

    One of the most useful extensions I've ever bought. Almost recovered 6% of abandoned carts worth $210.00. Recommended.


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