WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin (1.0)

Create, send and manage quotes online with Woocommerce Request a Quote plugin. FME makes request for quote as easy as possible, because the more simpler it is, the more quotes you are likely to receive. More quotes bring more leads, and allows you to provide customers with accurate rates based on their requirements, hence converting a lead to a potential customer. WooCommerce quotation plugin allows you to receive details you need in order to provide a detailed, personlized, and a professional quote via email. See Demo for a full review.

  • Hides add to cart buttons
  • Replace add to cart with custom text
  • Hides price and show custom message
  • Allow guests to send quotes

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Created 29 Feb 2016
Compatible WooCommerce 2.0 to 3.3 WordPress 4.0 to 5.0

Give your customers the best price quote on your products and services based on their needs. In a competitive market where lots of vendors are selling the same product and services, or you are selling something highly customizable and unique, Woocommerce add to quote plugin allows you to grab more deals by providing better pricing to customers. It is because you can better understand their needs, and they get an opportunity to bargain, cut their needs as required, and finally build a valuable relation. Visit Demo for quick illustration.

Key Benefits of Woocommerce Request a Quote Plugin:

  • 1 - Easy Quote Management – Save 90% of time
  • 2 - Easy website integration
  • 3 - Intelligent Dashboard
  • 4 - Track all Quotes
  • 5 - Offer price that is suitable for customers, hence convert more leads
  • 6 - Generate leads
  • 7 - Secure and fast processing
  • 8 - Fully customizable
  • 9 - Keep your customers updated with the quote status


Woocommerce Quotes plugin replaces Add to Cart buttons with the text you provide. Clicking on this button opens up a quick ‘Add to Quote’ form rather than cart page. This allows your customers to send in details and ask for pricing. These details are send to ‘All Quotes’ section on the WP backend. Admin can view and reply instantly to any pricing inquiry from this section. You can personalize the text with the editor to make it more professional looking and appealing. You can also personalize email replies from the backend.

Key Features

  • 1 - Hide Add to Cart buttons
  • 2 - Replace Add to Cart button with Add to Quote or custom text
  • 3 - Mini cart for quotes allows customers to view their quotes
  • 4 - Allows Guests to submit quote
  • 5 - Hide price and display information text
  • 6 - Configure success message
  • 7 - Configure number of days for the quote

Benefits for Customers

Customers can send pricing inquiries quickly without any complications. To track and manage all of their quotation requests, ‘My Accounts’ section in Woo RFQ plugin displays Quote history with statuses. Customers can view and manage their communication in this section. See live demo for more information.

How it Works

After installation, enable the plugin from WordPress admin panel. You will need to set the price of products to zero on which you need RFQ.

Following menu options will be available:

A. All Quotes
View all quotes in one place. Reply to customers quickly after personalizing the text with editor.

B. Settings
Configure following options in this section:

  • Change text for Add to Cart button
  • Enable guests to send quotes
  • Enter text that will replace price
  • Enter number of days for quote
  • Configure success message
  • Configure email options such as sender name, subject, body etc.

See snapshots or live DEMO or contact support for any questions.


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