WooCommerce Store Locator

WooCommerce Store Locator with Google Maps (1.0.1)

Woocommerce Store locator plugin allows your customers to quickly find your products and services nearest them. To find the availability of products, the option to search by address and products is included along with the feature of store attributes. Woocommerce Google maps plugin automatically detects user location and allows them to get directions on Google Maps. Customize each store with images, content and other valuable stuff.

  • Create unlimited store listings on Google maps, each store is dedicated its own landing page
  • Search by products and address
  • Automatically detects user location
  • Add store attributes, configure sidebar and more options

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Created 02 Mar 2016
Compatible WooCommerce 2.0 to 3.3 WordPress 4.0 to 5.0
Created 02 Mar 2016
Compatible 4.2.0 to 4.7.0

Woocommerce store locator Plugin allows your customers to quickly find where your products are available nearest to them. Woocommerce store locator plugin automatically detects user location and makes it a lot easier for your customers to search by product or address, and get directions to the nearest shop. Using the power of Google maps, this plugin offers the best organized way to deliver your locations. Click on demo to see all great features.

Key benefits:

  • Guide customers to nearest locations
  • Save time and money
  • Before visiting a shop, customers can find out the availability of products
  • Efficient handling of customer service
  • Learn more about consumer trends, based on the search queries
  • Local product marketing
  • Increase sales

Store locator plugin for Woocommerce automatically detects the location of your customers, and hence it lists down your shops sorted by distance. This plugin creates a separate page on your website for store locator, which offers the following options:

  • Store search options (search by products or address)
  • List view sorted by distance (in a vertical slider)
  • Display locations on Google maps with the help of markers (supports custom markers)

Your customers need to know where to buy your products, any other information you provide will improve conversions. For these reasons, Google Map plugin allows you to create unlimited stores and add valuable information in the form of content, images, and links. Each store will have its own dedicated page where more information will be shown, as mentioned above.

In order to get basic information about the shop like addresses, phone numbers or directions, your customers can click on map markers and a popup will show all this basic info. In order to provide ultimate user experience, you can create and assign attributes to stores. This allows customers to click on a tag and find relevant store instead of browsing whole list.

Key Features of Woocommerce Store locator Plugin:

  • Add unlimited stores
  • Search by products and address
  • Automatically detects user location and displays nearest stores
  • Stores are shown in a list view as well as Google maps tool
  • Custom map markers
  • Store attributes option
  • Creates a separate page for store finder on your website. Customize heading, sub heading and meta information
  • Add default latitude and longitude values
  • Add Google map API key
  • Enable marker numbers
  • Enable sidebar markers
  • Enable map zoom, select digit for zoom
  • Option to choose map distance unit such as KM or mile
  • Each store has its own landing page where you can display more details. Add content with the help of WYSIWYG editor, contact information and much more.
  • Attach products with stores
  • Option to upload image

Use Woocommerce location plugin for any service such as product locators, dealer locator, restaurant, bank and other services. Click on demo to find out more.

How it Works

Once the extension is installed, activate the plugin from Wordpress backend. Configure the general settings before setting up stores.


This section allows you to configure the following options:

  • Configure page heading and Meta information for store locator landing page
  • Enter the text of get directions button and attribute filter
  • Enter default latitude and longitude information
  • Enter Google Maps API key
  • Upload map marker image
  • Configure map zoom and distance settings.
  • Enable search by address and products
  • Enable attribute filters

Once you are dong, click on add attribute section from the menu.

Add Attributes

Attributes are just like tags, which allow users to search relevant information with a single click. Add the attribute name such as electronics, jewelry, sports etc. and hit the button.
Next, click on Add store in the menu.

Add Store:

This section allows you to add and configure store details:

  • Configure store name, meta title and other information
  • Add description with the help of WYSIWYG editor, include images, links and other stuff
  • Select default country, add store contact details
  • Configure location of the store by adding lat and longitude
  • Upload store image
  • Select attributes for the store
  • Attach products with store

You can manage stores, attributes separately. For questions, please see FAQ section or write to our support team.

Change Log

Features/Bugs Version 1.0.1

  • Remove Errors and warnings during installation of module
  • Fix issue with Google map api
  • Fix issue with Google map user current location
  • Fix issue when add new store and show message “Are you sure to do this”
  • Remove unused code form all our the module.
  • Fix issue with the prepare command from all our the module.
  • Fix issue with the marker image, when big image upload image show vary big now this issue is fixed.

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