WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter - Layered Navigation Plugin (1.0.1)

Woocommerce Ajax Product filter from FMA allows your customers to freely navigate on your online store to find their preferred products through filters. It provides a rich experience of WooCommerce layered nav filters with Ajax based loading that prevents page reload and search delays. 6 different types of widgets allow customers to search products by attributes, categories, brands and price. You can view and edit the active filters and also reset all filters from the sidebar.

  • Types of AJAX product attribute filters include, checkbox, list, color and label
  • 6 types of widgets can be used in sidebar
  • 4 types of search fields
  • AJAX based searching and filtering

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Created 22 Mar 2016
Compatible WooCommerce 2.0 to 3.3 WordPress 4.0 to 4.9

Woocommerce Ajax Layered Navigation extension allows customers to find desired product by using layered nav filters. This eliminates delays in the searching process that prevents customers from abandoning your website. Your online store becomes equipped with a navigation bar with 6 different types of layered navigation filters that streamlines the searching preferences of the customer to find the relevant products. Ajax based loading helps the customers to smoothly enter or select attributes without the page itself being refreshed or reloaded entirely. Layered navigation uses 4 types of attribute filters which are mentioned below.

Types of Woocommerce AJAX Product Filter

1 - Checkbox

Attributes are displayed in an unordered list of checkboxes. You can select query as ‘Or’ to allow customers use multiple checkboxes or ‘And’ for restricting to a single checkbox.

2 - List

The list displays the attributes without any proper order. Ajax based loading that enables your website to quickly respond to any search request made by the customer.

3 - Color

Color picker uses hex codes which you can enter manually or simply select from the color table. This lists the attribute value in accordance with the color picker.

4 - Label

You can use labels to such as Large (L) Medium (M) and Small (S) to validate the sizes of the products in filters of various products.

Merchant Benefits

Engage Customers

Woocommerce advanced AJAX layered navigation extension increases customer retention on your online store as customers spend more time on the website searching for products and viewing various others in the process.

Adding Filters

Layered navigated provides better exposure on products as you can categorize them with price, categories, brands and other filters. This allows customers can search all sorts of products regardless their name, size or design.

Save your Leads

According to a survey, the average time a customer is willing to give site during its loading process is 3 seconds and beyond that is page abandonment. Ajax based loading prevents customers from abandoning the website with fast and easy browsing experience.

Customer Benefits

No extensive Searching

Customers are often irritated by relentless searching for products that do not meet their requirements and needs. Woocommerce navigation plugin allows customers to meet their mark without the need of extensive browsing on the store.

Navigating without Delay

Ajax loading eliminates page reloading and refreshing which allows customers to search with their preferences without any delay. It basically loads the page without refreshing it each time a new attribute is added to the search by the customers

Streamlining Search

Customers can select multiple attributes from navigation filters to narrow down their search for products. This saves their time and allows them to view other related products on the store

Key Features of Woocommerce AJAX Layered Navigation

  • Improve user experience through filtering products with AJAX
  • 6 types of widgets that can be used in the sidebar
  • 4 types of search fields
  • Variety of theming options from the backend
  • Decreased loading time during filtering of products
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Completely customizable features
  • AJAX based search and filtering options for products
  • Loading Overlay can be themed from the backed as desired.
  • Makes your web pages Fast and Dynamic.

How it Works

Ajax Layered navigations is easy to install and easy to use. You start off instantly without any technical knowledge.


  • To start off with this extension you first need to
  • Install extension by going to the menu and navigating to Plugins
  • Add New and Upload the package
  • When the upload has been completed you can activate the Plugin

Add Filters

  • After successful installation navigate to Appearance and open widgets
  • Over here you can drag any available widget and drop it on the sidebar, header or footer
  • You can select the navigation fields and optimize them such as checkbox, color, label and list
  • Save these settings and they will appear on the front end of products listings page

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