WooCommerce FAQs & Ask a Question Plugin (1.0.0)

Woocommerce FAQ plugin displays FAQs right on the product pages to help users find instant answers to their queries. You can allow the users to ask more about the products. Woocommerce ask a question plugin reduces the effort of replying to customer support queries every time a common question is asked. Your potential buyers can simply refer to the answers on the product pages and ask anything further before placing an order.

  • Quick Ask a question form on product page
  • FAQ block, Accordion style
  • Like/Unlike button
  • Moderation options, Responsive and fully customisable

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Created 08 Dec 2016
Last Update 08 Dec 2016
Compatible WooCommerce 2.0 to 3.3 WordPress 4.0 to 5.0

Key Features of Woocommerce FAQ Plugin

The online buyers always have a question in mind that needs to be clarified. One of the best practices of solving their queries is to answer the relevant questions on the product page. Woocommerce Product Questions plugin allows them to know more about the products, and other terms and conditions in simple FAQs.

Additionally, this FAQ manager plugin also encourages the users to ask a question right there if their queries are not resolved with the FAQs. They can ask anything about a product through the quick question form and get a prompt reply from the admin. The instant communication makes the customers support a sophisticated experience. Key features of this plugin are listed below.

  • Add relevant FAQs on product pages
  • Display Product Questions in a block as well
  • Allow users to ask anything about a product
  • Email notifications for the admin and users

Display Woocommerce Product Questions

Add FAQs section on product pages to let the customers find relevant questions right there. It allows the users to clarify their ambiguities about a product without moving to a general page of FAQs. In result, you get a higher conversion rate.

Customize Block Title

Write a custom title for the Product questions block to make is easily readable by the users. Let them quickly understand the purpose of the block.

Accordion Style

Enable accordion style for the product questions that beautifies the listings. It wraps up the rest of the questions and allows the users to continue reading the one they need to.

Woocommerce Ask a Question Form

Enable ‘Ask a Question’ option to let the users ask anything they have in mind about the product. Most of the common questions are answered through the FAQs, whereas this option encourages the users to ask what is not answered there.

Product Question Form

Customers can post product questions like information about feature, price, discount or the terms in an easy-to-fill form. It enables quick communication medium between the admin and the potential buyers.

Private or Public Question

Customers can opt to keep their questions private; or publicly available for other users. The public questions are published along with other FAQs.

Approve Questions

By default, the questions are pending for your approval. You can approve the question by publishing it on your website.

Enable Google reCaptcha

Enable Google reCaptcha in Woocommerce questions and answers plugin to improve the security of your website. It ensures the question form to be filled by humans and not by the spam bots.

Enable likes button

Enable users to like or dislike the questions to evaluate the usefulness of the FAQs on your product pages. It also increases user engagement on your website.

Configure Email Notifications

Configure email settings to get notified when a user asks a question. Woocommerce product faqs plugin plugin also allows you to enable email notification to the users to let them know when their question is answered. It improves the user experience and the conversion rate as well.

Add admin email address

Add a sender email to make sure the notifications are sent from an authorized email address. If you leave the box empty, the plugin will display the emails sent from Website Admin.

Enable notification for client

Enable notification to the client or the potential buyers to get updates about a reply to their submitted query. It serves as an instant reminder to let them view the question they have asked.

Customize email subject and body content

You can add a custom email subject according to the users’ understanding. Simplify the user experience by adding body content to the email when a question or comment is published.

More Features

  • Pagination for all the questions
  • Select number of questions to display on a page
  • Ajax based question sorting in single product page
  • Responsive design

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