WooCommerce Custom Registration Fields Plugin (1.0.2)

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Easily customize registration form by installing WooCommerce Custom Registration form plugin. Add 10+ different types of Woocommerce extra user registration fields such as text box, text area, select box, multi select box, checkbox, radio button, date picker, time picker, password and file/image upload. Customers can edit information they entered during signup from "my account" section. Click on demo to learn more about Woocommerce registration fields plugin.

  • Supports 10+ types of fields
  • Show fields on checkout page when Guest checkout is enabled
  • Drag and drop fields
  • Custom fields are shown on backend and can be easily managed
  • Show Fields data in my account section
  • Pre-Translated French, Spanish, German, Italian.

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Created 02 Mar 2016
Compatible WooCommerce 2.0 to 3.3 WordPress 4.0 to 4.9
Created 02 Mar 2016
Compatible 4.2.0 to 4.7.0

Add 10+ Types of WooCommerce Custom Registration Fields

WordPress custom registration form plugin allows you to add custom fields on user sign up form and collect valuable information about customers demographics, behavioural and marketing insights. The additional information obtained through Wordpress custom registration page will give you knowledge and insight that you can act on. WordPress customize registration form plugin supports following fields:

  • Text box
  • Text Area
  • Select box
  • Multi Select box
  • Checkbox
  • Radio button
  • Date picker
  • Time picker
  • Password
  • File/image upload
  • Color picker
  • Numeric Field
  • Google Recaptcha

You can simply drag and drop these fields on the registration form. Each of these form fields has its own settings. Your customers can view this additional information they entered during signup in their accounts.

Benefits of WooCommerce Registration Form Plugin:

  • Obtain customer insights that are actionable and predictive
  • Collect customer preference data to personalize every step of their journey
  • Optimize your marketing strategy based on customers input
  • Easily add and manage custom fields from one place
  • Drag and drop fields

Key Features of WooCommerce Registration Plugin:

  • Add unlimited fields on user sign up form
  • Drag and drop to sort
  • Customize labels
  • Customize fields
  • Make fields mandatory or optional
  • Hide fields
  • Placeholder for fields
  • Show fields in a separate section
  • Additional data is shown in user section
  • Customers can edit profile

Features/Bugs Version 1.0.1

  • Removed warning undefined index url.
  • Removed warning shown for the prepare command.
  • Removed unused code from all over the module that is causing error and warnings.
  • Add post data sentization in all over the module.
  • Resolved prepare command issue in all over the module.
  • Bug Fixed: issue with the validation of radio button, checkboxes and multi select.
  • Bug Fixed: issue with multi select data in wordpess admin user profile edit page.(This bug is in only in premium version)

Following Bugs has been fixed in version 1.0.2:

  • Issues with the edit account page (goes on 404) when permalinks set to other than plan url.
  • Data not shown in edit account form when permalinks set to other than plan url.
  • Data not save in edit account form when permalinks set to other than plan url.

Click on DEMO to Learn more about WordPress customize registration form plugin

How it Works

After installation, active the WooCommerce Custom Registration Fields plugin from Wordpress backend and you will see a menu of this plugin. Click on settings, where you will be able to configure following:

  • Title for account section
  • Title for profile section

Now click on registration attributes, where you will find all available customer attributes on the left. Drag and drop required fields onto the form and configure the settings as required. Each of the customer attributes has its own settings.

You can click on any user to view additional information. Your customers can edit this information from their accounts.
Click on demo to learn more or contact support in case of any questions.


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    Very easy plugin.

    Very easy plugin. Just drag and drop the fields into registration form to add the extra fields. Thanks for the such a nice plugin

  • "

    Nice Experience

    Easy and perfect. It has made easy for me to get extra information from customers. It has all the fields to offer which are necessary for registration form. Thank you.

  • "

    This Plugin Works great!

    Works Great. Easy to install. A little problem at the time of installation but get resolved.

  • "

    Simple to Use

    Really liked the simple user interface of this plugin but you may need to use some CSS to get your fields look attractive.


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