WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin (1.0.1)

WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin allows you to create rules for catalogue and shopping cart to allow customers avail bulk discounts and special offers. You can boost revenues by automating discount offers on the quantity of the products the consumer purchase or let them avail subsidized rates under special offers with the help of Woocommerce variable price plugin. Discounts can also be offered on shopping cart by setting conditions on various attributes that include the cart subtotal, items, quantity, products and categories, and the registered users.

  • Configure catalog and shopping cart pricing rules
  • Quantity based discounts
  • Create special offers and campaigns
  • Offer discount on product variation
  • Apply conditions to products and categories
  • Provide discounts based on customer roles

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Created 22 Mar 2016
Compatible WooCommerce 2.0 to 3.3 WordPress 4.0 to 4.9
Created 22 Mar 2016
Compatible 4.2.0 to 4.7.0

Let your customers avail bulk discounts or special offers that are governed by predefined pricing rules that are determined in line with your marketing strategies and inventory management plans. Woocommerce discount plugin allows you to offer discounts on specific products and categories either on quantity basis or special offers. It helps you achieve higher revenues by encouraging customers to shop more and save more. In addition to the catalog, you can also allow customers to secure discounts on shopping cart by fulfilling different conditions.

Key Features of WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin

Set Dynamic Pricing for Catalog

This plugin allows you to create rules for bulk discounts on products, categories, and product variations as well. You can set the priority of rules and provide discounts for a specific duration.

Allow Bulk Discount on Cart

WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin enables you to offer discounts on the cart as well. You can add multiple conditions to provide discount and customers will receive the discount once they meet any of these conditions. You can allow discount on a total cart amount, cart items, item quantity, cart weight, payment method, shipping method, shipping address and many more.

Fixed and Percentage Discount

With this plugin, you can enable either fixed or percentage discount on products. For example, buy 3 shirts and get 10$ discount on each shirt, purchase 3 trousers and get 30% discount etc.

Quantity Based Discounts and Special Offers

You can set quantity based discounts on products by using this plugin i.e. buy 3-5 shirts to receive 20% discount. You can also create a special offers, for example, buy 3 shirts and get 1 free, buy 2 pants and get one belt free etc.

Provide Discounts to Specific Customers and Customers’ Roles

WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin enables you to provide discounts to specific customers. You can also set dynamic pricing based on customers’ roles such as admin, editor, subscriber, contributor, author, customer, and shop manager.

Display Pricing Table and Special Offers on Product Pages

This powerful add-on displays the dynamic pricing table on the product page when you set quantity based discounts. It also displays the special offers on product pages like buy 3 and get one free which is a good way to encourage customers in buying more than one product.

Set Discounts for Product Variations

You can set discounts on products and as well as their variations. For example, you can reduce the price of only green shirt.

Key Benefits of WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin

  • Boost your revenues
  • Enhance product demand
  • Speed up inventory turn around
  • Implement a Data-driven strategy
  • Easy to apply and monitor pricing
  • Keep customers engaged

How it Works

Features/Bugs Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed issue with the prepare command in all over the module and change coding accordingly.
  • Remove warning and errors that are shown during installation of module.
  • Remove undefined index issues from all over the module.
  • Remove unused code from the module.
  • Issue fixed with the mini cart in header.
  • Bug fix with the offer discount
  • Bug fix with the cart discount.

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