WooCommerce Calendar & Event Tickets Plugin (1.0.0)

Woocommerce events plugin allows you to create events and sell relevant products such as tickets and passes. Woocommerce event booking plugin adds a dedicated page of event listings to your website that hosts all the happening on a centralized location. Users can get to know about all of them and shop for the attached products as well book a seat for an upcoming event. Adding more event-specific products may result in higher conversions and sales.

  • Separate listing page for events
  • Sell tickets for events
  • Events calendar
  • Fully customizable

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Created 07 Dec 2016
Last Update 07 Dec 2016
Compatible WooCommerce 2.0 to 3.3 WordPress 4.0 to 5.0

Key Features of Woocommerce Events Plugin Plugin

Events Manager plugin is a helping hand for website owners and managers to announce events right on their official websites. It allows them to let their customers know about the events and purchase products such as tickets and passes. Following are the key features of this tool.

  • A dedicated listings page for events
  • Add feature image, title, and short description
  • Specify a time span for each event
  • Show event venue on the map
  • Sell tickets for the events
  • Social share button
  • Woocommerce Google Calendar

Add Events to your website

Woocommerce ticket system allows you to create events on your website to keep the customers updated about the happenings on your store. It engages users to browse the list of upcoming events and grab tickets to participate. In result, you get a boost in revenues.

Dedicated Listings Page and Woocommerce Events Calendar

The dedicated listings page in Woocommerce calendar plugin allows the users of your website to have a look at all the events in a Google calendar view. They can easily get to know about the latest happenings. You can sort the listings by ascending, descending order, or by their names.

Set Time Frame

Add a starting and ending date of the event to let the users know how long an event will last. It creates a sense of urgency and compels the users to buy tickets soon.

Add Contact Details

Add a name, phone and fax number, and an email address of the contact person so that the users can easily get in touch and know more about the event.

Sell Tickets with Woocommerce

You can attach products and sell with events, which makes Woocommerce tickets download easy for your customers. The best examples include selling of entry passes, printed T-shirt, p-caps and other souvenirs.

Add products to events

With Woocommerce sell tickets plugin, you can attach products to each event that attracts users and let them pay for the tickets or other store items. It is one of the effective strategies in boosting revenue by selling event-specific products.

Customize Events Page

You can customize each listing with a featured image, title, and description to beautify the event landing pages. Woocommerce events plugin allows you to add a compelling video, images, and Google map to let the customers know more about the event.

Add YouTube Video

You can embed a YouTube video to let the users know the details right on the events page. They no longer needed to visit a video sharing website or another platform for watching your videos.

Create Image Gallery

Add as many images to the events page as you need to make it more compelling and informative. An image gallery tells the whole story in a pictorial form and ensures higher conversions.

Add a venue with Google maps

Add a venue with the help of Google maps to help users get directions straight away from their current locations. It helps them easily reach the venue.

Get Social Exposure

The social share button helps the users to share the event and spread the word in their circles. It enhances the social reach of the events and the attached products as well.

This social button further includes tabs to numerous social networking websites that makes sharing events a one-click experience.


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