Woocommerce Bookings and Reservations Plugin

WooCommerce Bookings & Reservations Plugin (1.0.0)

Woocommerce bookings plugin allows your customers to make bookings and reservation for your bookable products and services. You can add bookable options to let the customers know they can reserve the products or not. Create bookings on behalf of your valued clients if they are too busy or reluctant to register on your store.

  • Booking calendar included
  • Create booking on behalf of your customers
  • Filters to find paid and unpaid bookings
  • Set price for different booking options

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Created 24 Mar 2016
Compatible WooCommerce 2.0 to 3.3 WordPress 4.0 to 5.0

Woocommerce booking system allows your consumers to secure a seat, room, space in training or book products before it goes out of stock. It allows customers to render services that can easily be reserved along with subunits, like tickets, courses, rooms and bed spaces, training sessions, seminars, workshops and lots of other services.

Woocommerce Hotel Booking module equips the businesses that are associated with hotel and tourism industry, online training and skill development, or personality grooming and consultancy. You can deliver service in a presentable manner by counting the number of customers. Save their valuable time by making reservations on their behalf.


  • Create a hassle-free process of selling your service
  • Woocommerce booking extension allows you to add reservation options for customers’ convenience
  • Cut off staff cost for documenting reservations and appointment
  • The booking calendar makes it easy for your customers to reserve an available slot
  • Admin can create reservations on backend

KEY FEATURES of Woocommerce Bookings Plugin

Manage a separate listing page

All appointments appear on a separate listing page to give you quick management solutions for reviewing a listing and following up.

Filters to find paid and unpaid bookings

The filters allow you to search for both, the paid and unpaid reservations, to review the pending service deliveries and resolve it earlier.

Add bookable units

You can showcase such items like AC, bed, Class, etc. to the primary services to record customers requirements.

Create bookings on behalf of your customers

If your customers are too busy to log into your store, or they simply do not want to follow the process, you can do so on their behalf and please them with excellent services.

Availability of Global Dates

You can configure time period. Working hours can also be set accordingly.


Enable the cancel option, so that customers can cancel if they are no longer interested to avail your services. Time slots are made available for time-based bookings to assist in canceling one session and enrolling into another.

Set price for Options

Set pricing for different booking options, so that the customers are charged for the improved experience they demand in addition to your services. The pricing is based on the additional options you set for services.

Display of additional data

The bookable options and data collected from customers are displayed on pages like Add to cart, check out, thank you and in the user accounts.


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