WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator (1.0.0)

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Woocommerce Price Calculator plugin allows you to automate product pricing by its measuring units. It empowers you to sell products by its volume, area, weight and dimensions. Once you specify a measuring unit for a product and the price per unit, the plugin automatically calculates the total amount a user have to pay. You can also create a pricing table for each product that specify the price per unit and a discounted price for a specific range of units.

Created 20 Mar 2017
Compatible WooCommerce 2.0 to 3.3 WordPress 4.0 to 5.0

Key features of Woocommerce measurement price calculator

  • Auto-calculate product price by its measuring units
  • Define a minimum product price per unit
  • Create pricing tables for costing difference ranges of units
  • Set measuring units for a product in weight, area, volume or dimensions
  • Add measurement units like meter, foot, sq yard, kg, etc.
  • Add product variations

The Woocommerce Calculator plugin helps you in streamlining product pricing by adding a calculator that computes a product price by its quantity. You can define the quantity of each product by its measuring unit in weight, area, volume, and dimension. For example, you can easily sell fabric in yards, copper in kgs, tiles in square root, etc.

With the help of measurement price calculator Woocommerce, you can encourage customers to calculate the quantity and price of the product by providing their requirements. For example, to buy tiles or carpet, a user is required to enter the length and width of a floor they want to cover. And, the price will appear against the units in square foot. You set a product per price and the plugin calculates the total amount itself.

Sell Products by Weight in Woocommerce Price Calculator

This plugin allows you to sell products by setting your desired weight units as a measurement tool. It allows the users to select the weight of a store item and pay accordingly.

Set a weight unit

You can select a weight unit that is most suitable for your product to ensure accurate pricing. This plugin includes different weight units like g, mg, kg, oz, lb, and t.

Weight Pricing Label

Write a custom label for weight pricing. It facilitates users in knowing the price they are going to incur for the varied measurement they select.

Weight Label

Customize the weight label to let the users know the measurement unit they are about to buy.

Set Pricing by Product Area – Dynamic Price

You can set product pricing with respect to the area (dimensional pricing) it covers in square meters, yards or any other unit. Set a measurement unit and a minimum price per unit that best defines your product. For example, setting price per square foot for selling a plot of land.

Area Pricing Label

Set a customized label for area pricing to let the users know the measurement unit

Area Label

Add an area label to instruct the users provide the quantity in terms of the given area unit.

Area Unit

Select an Area Unit for product measurement. You can select from square cm, sq mm, m, km, in, ft, yd, mil.

Area Options

Set any other option for easing

Set Product Pricing by Volume

You can set product prices on the basis of volume. So, the price is calculated according to the quantity of volume a user enters. You can also set price ranges for different volumes.

Volume Pricing Label

Customize the Volume Pricing Label to let the users easily understand pricing per unit of the product.

Volume Label

With the help of Volume label, you can clearly instruct the users about the product volume in the given unit.

Volume Unit

Select a volume unit that accurately measures your product. The available volume units are ml, l, cu m, cup, pint, qt, gl, fl oz, cu in, cu ft, cu yd.

Volume Options

Create Volume options with respect to your product variations, so that users can easily select a quantity they need.

Set Pricing by Length and Height (Room Walls)

By setting product prices with respect to its length and height, you can sell all your room wall products. It allows the users to select the quantity of a product according to the wall space of their rooms.

Wall Pricing Label

Define the pricing of room wall products with respect to the measurement unit you select.

Wall Label

Add a wall label to instruct the users while inputting product quantity in line with the specified measurement unit.

Pricing Unit

Select a unit and a price per unit. The available units for room wall products are sq ft, sq m, sq cm, hc, sq km,sq in, sq ft, sq yd, acs, sq mi.

Configure Length Settings

While setting up pricing and measurement units, you can further configure the length and height metrics.

  • Set Length Label and unit
  • Add Length Options

Set label, unit, and options for Height

You can configure a height label, unit, and options for the room wall products.

  • Set Height Lable and Unit
  • Create height options

Set Product Pricing by Volume ( L x W x H )

Configure length, width and height to set volume based pricing for your custom products. This allows you to users to enter their product requirements in length, width, and height, and get a product price per cubic yard. This automates pricing different users for your products like mulch, compost, and manure.

Pricing Label

Customize the pricing label for the volume of your product and the users will easily get to know the price.


Add a volume label for the convenience of the users in knowing the measuring unit for the product they are adding to cart.


Create volume options so that the users can easily select product variations with a click only.

Customize the length

You can add a length label, select a unit and create options for the ease of users.

Configure Width settings

Set a width unit and label it, and avail the opportunity to create further options.

Enter Height parameters

You can select and label a parameter for defining the volume with respect to height.

Create a Pricing Table by using Woocommerce Calculator

After Woocommerce measurement price calculator download, you can set a price per unit and a discounted price for a specific range of units. It allows the users to save money by shopping for a higher number of units.

Measurement Range

Define a measurement range for the units of a product. If a user selects the number of units within the specified range, they avail the discounted price per unit.

Set a Price Per Unit

You can set a minimum product price per unit. It will allow the users to know how much you are charging for a unit of area, volume, weight, and dimension.

Offer a Sale Price Per Unit

You can offer a discounted price for each unit against a defined range of units. It encourages the users to have a higher number of units in pursuit of saving money.

Additional Features of Price Calculator Woocommerce

In addition to an extensive variety of measurement and pricing options, here are the additional features you can avail in Woocommerce price calculator plugin.

  • Add measurement variation for each product.
  • Set a minimum price per unit.
  • Set price by weight, area, volume, and dimension.
  • You can set pricing with a combination of three, two and single dimensions.
  • Your potential customers can view the price, quantity and measurement unit of each product.
  • Measurements appear on the landing page, mini cart and cart, and checkout pages.

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