WooCommerce Multi Currency Plugin

WooCommerce Multi Currency Switcher (1.0.3)

GEO IP WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin allows you to add multiple currencies to your eCommerce website to help the users view products prices and checkout in their local currency. Set default currency for different geographical locations to let the users of a specific country or region browse products in their respective currency. The key features are;

  • All Currency listings
  • Auto and manual Currency Switching
  • GEO IP default currency
  • Define Rules for switching currency
  • IP Exceptions

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Created 01 Sep 2016
Compatible WooCommerce 2.0 to 3.3 WordPress 4.0 to 5.0
Created 01 Sep 2016

With GEO IP Multi Currency, you can add multiple currencies to your eCommerce website to let the users know product prices in their local currency. You can define rules to set the default currency for a country or region that automatically transpose product pricing in a local or rather more familiar currency.

The multi-regional eCommerce websites need to add multiple currencies that allow the users from different countries to shop in their local currency. The free version of GEOIP Multi Currency enables you to add more currencies to your website, whereas to configure auto currency switching for different regions, you will need to upgrade to the premium version. The key Features are;

What is inside the free Woocommerce Currency Switcher Plugin?

All currency listings

All the currencies from around the world are listed in the free version to let you add any currency you want.

Add multiple currency

You can add as much currencies to your online store as you need. Browse the listings and select the one you are looking for.

Add currency value manually

You can set a currency value manually to show the equivalent product price from the base currency.

Get currency value online

You can opt to get currency value directly from Yahoo Exchange to convert product pricing with real time exchange rates.

What is inside the premium version?

GEO IP Default Currency

Define rules for showing a default currency to a select group of countries or region. It enables the users to view localized product pricing on your store.

Auto and manual currency switching

Woocommerce add currency plugin recognizes the IP-based geolocation of the users and automatically switches the currency as per the rules you define. The users can also change the currency manually.

Import Geo Tables

The plugin users MaxMind database by default for recognizing users’ locations by their IP addresses. You can import any other IP database.

Getting Currency Value

In the premium version of Woocommerce currency plugin, you can get currency value directly from Google and Appspot Exchange, in addition to the Yahoo Exchange. You can set the auto value update either on hourly or daily basis.

IP Exceptions

Add IP addresses to the exceptions section while defining the rules to let them away from currency switches. The rule will not apply on them whenever they visit your website in the specified time duration.

WooCommerce Currency Switcher

GEO IP Multi Currency plugin allows you to add multiple currencies to your eCommerce website that allow the users to pay in their local currency. Multi currency switcher plugin for Woocommerce swiftly changes the currency according to the GEO IP location of the users.

Add multiple currencies

Add multiple currencies to your store from the huge list to let the users know prices in different currencies. It sets them free from converting product prices from a base currency to their local one.

Add a Flag

You can add a flag for each currency to let the users recognize it at a glance. Currency converter widget for Woocommerce ensures them that they are browsing a store view meant for their country or region.

Add a Currency Value

Add a currency value manually or get it online for real-time conversions. It will automatically transpose the product price in a local currency. You can get it online from Yahoo, Google or Appspot Exchange. Set an auto currency update on an hourly or daily basis.

Auto and Manual Currency Switching – Woocommerce Multi Currency

Currency Switcher plugin finds out the IP-based Geo-location of users and switches the currency according to their preferences. You can allow them to switch between different currencies to pay in a denomination they are comfortable with.

Auto recognition of Geo locations

The auto-recognition feature is powered by MaxMind database, which is a reliable source for detecting geolocation of the users through their IP addresses. You can import any other database if you need to.

Manual Currency Switching

A drop-down box allows your potential customers to manually switch between different currencies to understand and pay the product price in their local currency.

Manage or Import GEO IP Database

Multi Currency Woocommerce plugin is backed by MaxMind database to detect the users’ geographical location by matching their IP addresses to the database. You can import another database for the said functionality.

MaxMind database

It is a credible source that finds out the country or region a user belongs to with the help of their IP addresses. This database is incorporated by default in this plugin to help you scrutinize your web traffic.

Import IP database

This multi currency plugin gives you the freedom to deactivate MaxMind and import a database you need to be in place. You can extract the Geo tables in a CSV file and configure the newly imported database.

GEO IP default Currency – Woocommerce Currency Converter

Add a default currency to a country or region by defining rules. This automatically switches the product prices to a default currency when a user from the selected group of countries visits your website.

Add Rules

Define rules for replacing the base currency according to a country or continent. You can add a custom name to the rule for better management. Adding a prompt text will help your customers understand the currency switching according to their location.

Manage the rules

Add, edit or delete the rules according to your business preferences. You can prioritize a rule to avoid a conflict between two or more rules. Add a starting and ending date will deactivate the rule and assist you in managing them easily.

Select Currency

Select a currency you want to display to a group of users. It will allow the users to view the product price in a default currency that is specific to their region.

Select Countries

Select countries where you want to show a default currency. This will replace the base currency to your selected one and enable the users to view prices in a familiar currency.

IP Exceptions

Add IP addresses in the exceptions box to exclude them from auto currency switching that is configured for their geographical location. It overrules the default currency settings for a region.

How it Works

Features/Bugs Version 1.0.3

  • Resolve issue 502 Bad Gateway error.
  • Resolve issue max execution time
  • Resolve issue with the price of each variation.
  • Compatibility with latest woocommerce and wordpress.
  • Resolve issue in version 1.0.2.

Features/Bugs Version 1.0.1

  • Remove errors and warning that are appears during installation of the module.
  • Fix undefined index issues in all over the module.
  • Fix issue with prepare command in over the module and change accordingly
  • Issue fix with the currency adding form in admin
  • Fix issue with geo ip default currency form(Pro version issue)
  • Fix issue with the cron job(Pro version issue)
  • Fix design issue with the currency widget on front end.
  • Fix issue with the default currency on front end.
  • Fix session issue on front end
  • Fix issue with the geo ip default currency on front end.(Pro version issue)

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