PDF Invoices and Packing Slip

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slip Plugin (1.0.0)

Woocommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slip plugin automatically creates PDF invoices and sends it directly to your valued customers. It saves time and cost in drafting invoices and sending them manually to each customer. Woocommerce Packing Slip plugin generates a packing list to allow merchants to attach the product name and quantity on the package boxes. This improved efficiency through error-free invoicing improves the user experience of your online business. The key features include;

  • Auto invoice generation
  • PDF invoice to easily view and download
  • Add business details and watermark
  • Select an invoice template
  • Advance invoice customization options
  • Auto generated packing slip

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Created 01 Dec 2016
Compatible WooCommerce 2.0 to 3.3 WordPress 4.0 to 4.9
Created 01 Dec 2016

Woocommerce Print Invoice and Packing List plugin sets you free in drafting invoice and sending them to your customers via e-mail and on the package. This plugin does it all automatically with higher precision that you won’t be required to cross check the invoice against the orders. You can customize the invoice with business name and logo, email address and phone numbers.

For every business, small or large, drafting invoices is a hectic job and highly vulnerable to human errors. To swiftly create and drop purchase invoices directly to the buyers’ email, all you need to do is install Woocommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin once and it will perform the routine tasks itself. It means lowering the burden on the procurement, dispatch, and accounts department.

What is inside the free version of Woocommerce PDF Invoices Plugin?

Auto-Invoicing in PDF

It automatically generates invoices in PDF to let the users easily view or download. You can manage these invoices in the order listings page.

Customize the Invoice

You can add the company name, logo, email address and phone number to customize the invoice according to your preferences.

Sending Invoice with Order Email

Enable sending of the invoice with the order email to let your customer know the price they are going to pay for a product or services they have ordered.

View / Download Invoice

The auto-generated invoice is available to view and download on user accounts and listings page to let you manage the orders accordingly.

What is Inside the Invoice and Packing List Woocommerce Pro version?

Add Watermark

Add background watermark and your business logo will appear on every invoice. It will help you with free advertising and branding.

Add business Details

You can add further business details on the pro version that includes a fax number, business and VAT ID.

Select an invoice Tmplate

Select from a variety of invoice templates to make the billing more professional and authentic. About 6 different templates are available to suit your needs.

Customize Header and Footer

Add custom titles and texts in the header as well footer of the invoice, which often includes additional information like the physical business address.

Change Color, Font Size, and Type

Customize template by changing the color, font type, and size. It makes your invoicing stand out from the rest in buyers’ records.

Packing Slip Features

This plugin generates packing slip for each product along with the product invoice.

View Contents

The merchant can view the contents of the packing slip from the orders page at the back office of the store. The contents include

Packing slip contains

  • Packing Slip Detail
  • Billing Address
  • Item Number
  • Product Name
  • Product Quantity
  • Footer Text
  • Company Address

Edit Footer Text

You can change the footer text and add company information or company motto at the bottom of the packing slip.

Edit Company Address

Company information can be changed from the back end that appears on the packing list


Woocommerce Packing List plugin allow the merchant and the customer to remain informed about the details of the package. It helps the merchant rest assured about the contents of the package before sending it and acknowledges the customer by identifying the billing address, product name and item list of the package.

Auto-Creation of PDF Invoices

Woocommerce Print Packing Slip and Email Invoice plugin automatically produces a PDF invoice once a user places an order. You can opt to send the invoice along with the email to let the user know the amount they need to pay and checkout.

Send invoice with Order Email

Enable ‘Send Invoice with Order Email’ and the users will get the PDF invoice in the inbox along with an order notification email.

Manage Invoices in the Listings Page

The auto-generated invoices display on the order listing page of your control panel to let you manage them accordingly.

View the Invoice on Edit Order Page

You can view the invoice on the edit order page so that you can make any correction before a customer pays for it.

Send Woocommerce Custom Invoice

You can add business details to personalize the invoices and make the users believe they are getting authentic billing receipts. The details you can display on the invoice includes;

Provide the Basic Details

Add company name, logo, email address, phone, and fax numbers to make the invoicing authentic and trustworthy.

Add a Watermark

Upload your brand logo or business image and use it as a watermark in invoicing, and you will avail free advertisement.

Display Business and VAT ID

You can also add your business and VAT IDs to make the digital invoicing more authentic and trustworthy.

Add Terms and Conditions as well

Provide a few points to ensure the users are well aware of the terms and conditions. You can add a physical address and a note for the users.

Configuration Settings

Configure the settings either to display a set of options from the invoicing or keep it hidden. It allows you to control different actions in the creation of an invoice.

Enable/Disable Invoice Tax Amount

Allow or disallow the tool to include the tax amount in the invoice. You can select it according to your business preferences.

Enable/Disable Subtotal Option

You can enable or disable the display of subtotal amount on the invoice. It depends on the billing format you would like to follow.

Enable/Disable Invoice Numbering

Invoice numbering allows you to keep track of the invoice, your business website generates. You can turn it on or off as you wish.

Display/Hide Shipping and Billing Address

You can display the shipping as well as billing addresses of the buyer on the invoices or keep it hidden for privacy reasons.

Customize Header and Footers

Write a custom title and text for the header as well as the footer of the invoice to make the best use of the available space.

Select desired Woocommerce Invoice Template

You can select a template from the available 6 options to make the billing process more professional and versatile. The Woo PDF Invoice plugin sets you free in the selection of an invoice template and making limitless changes to the color, font type, and size.

Change Color of the Template

Select a template and customize it according to your business preferences. You can select a color that best describes suits the industry you are working in.

Change Font Type and Size

Set a font type and size you like the most. You can make use of the same font type and size that you use on other official documents.

Set the Header Text Size of the Template

In addition to the text in the invoice, you can customize the header text of a template and become prominent.


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