WooCommerce Product Custom Tabs Plugin (1.0.1)

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Add custom tabs on product pages of your website with Woocommerce Tabs plugin. Display text, images, videos and any other kind of information in tabs with the help of WYSIWYG editor. Choose custom icons, add global or product specific tabs. Display important information and convert more visitors. Learn more on Demo.

  • Add global or product specific tabs
  • Fully customizable tabs, add images videos or any other information
  • Use HTML in tabs
  • Unlimited tabs

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Created 22 Mar 2016
Last Update 28 Dec 2016
Compatible WooCommerce 2.0 to 3.3 WordPress 4.0 to 5.0
Created 22 Mar 2016
Compatible 4.2.0 to 4.7.0

Add custom tabs on product pages with Woocommerce custom tabs plugin and display more information that matters to your audience. You can edit default Woocommerce tabs as well with the help of this module. The more information you provide to your customers, more likely they are to buy your products.

Display text, images, videos, and any other valuable information in Woocommerce custom product tabs with the help of WYSIWYG editor. Woocommerce Custom tabs plugin helps you organize data symmetrically.

Global Woocommerce Tabs:

By using this option, you will create a tab that will appear on all of the products pages e.g. a customer reviews tab can be shown for all products.

Product Specific Tabs:

These are only for specific products. You can enable/disable them for products.

Default Woocommerce Tabs:

WooCommerce extra tabs widget allows you to edit the default woocommerce tabs. You will be able to edit title and icon.

Key Features of WooCommerce Product Tabs Plugin

  • Add Woocommerce extra tabs on product pages
  • Show text, videos, images or any other content with the help of WYSIWYG editor
  • The tabbed content is SEO friendly
  • Enable/disable tabs
  • You can use HTML tags
  • Choose custom icons
  • Easily configure Sort order

How it Works

After installation, activate the plugin from Wordpress admin panel. This WooCommerce Product tabs extension allows you to add following two types of extra tabs;

Global Tabs

Click on Global tabs in the menu, here you will see all the global tabs. Click on Add new option and configure following options:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Choose tab icon
  • Configure sort order

These tabs will appear on all of the product pages. If you want to add tabs on specific products only, then follow below procedure.

WooCommerce Products Tabs

Open any product, and click on ‘Product Tabs’ option. This section will list all the tabs that you have created, you will able to select the ones you want to use with that specific product. Uncheck the ‘Want to use global tabs?’ in case you don’t want to use global tabs. This section will list following three types of tabs:

  • Default tabs(you can edit these)
  • Global tabs (Select or edit these tabs)
  • Product tabs (add or edit product specific tabs)

Click on add custom tabs at the bottom from where you will be able to add information. See demo for more details or contact our support team if you have any issues.

Features/Bugs Version 1.0.1

  • Fix issues with the prepare function in the all over the module.
  • Remove errors during installation of the module.
  • Remove unused code from all over the module.
  • Remove undefined index warning from all over the module.
  • Fix issue with the special chars in the text of product tabs.
  • Issue fixed with Products tabs popup in admin.
  • Issue fixed with Default Tabs in admin (Pro version issue)
  • Issue fixed with Global tabs popup in admin(Pro version issue)
  • Issue fixed with the Default tabs on front end(Pro version issue)
  • Fix Special chars issues in Global tabs in admin(Pro version issue)

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    Have been using it for a week, works pretty very well.

    Good Choice br
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    Easy to Use and Manage Tabs

    Very simple and friendly interface. Easy to handle tabs. Thanks.

    Chris br
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    Ran Smoothly with Zero Issues

    One of the best plugins for any website with minimum errors. Performance is acceptable.

    Adam Joebr
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    Excellent plugin with great support

    Purchased product tabs pro as an upgrade to WooCommerce. The plugin seems to provide more functionality than WooCommerce Tabs Manager at a fraction of the cost. Also the customer service is excellent and provided a very prompt solution to a theme conflict


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