WooCommerce Watermark Product Image Plugin (1.0.0)

WooCommerce watermark plugin from FMA allows you to add watermark text and watermark images on your product photos. You can add rules from the backend to automatically apply watermark to product image, catalog thumbnails, product pop-up image and small thumbnails. Customizable options enable you to make changes to margins, font, opacity and 9 different positions of the watermark text & image.

  • Add text or image watermark on your images
  • 9 different places to add watermark
  • Adjust font color, size, opacity, margins
  • Apply rule to products or categories

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Created 24 Mar 2016
Compatible WooCommerce 2.0 to 3.3 WordPress 4.0 to 4.9

Area of Function - Woocommerce Watermark Plugin

Watermark plugin for Wordpress and WooCommerce safeguards your images by discouraging thieves who take credit of your work by restoring copyrights of your company to them. It helps your products to be recognized all across the internet by automatically advertising your company through text and images on product photos. This creates a sense of satisfaction even if another company uses the picture. WP Watermark plugin can be used to automatically add watermarks when an image is uploaded by creating rules from the backend. You can also do it individually for each product, categories or apply it on the whole catalog.

Add Text Watermark

You can enter custom text and select the font size on shop thumbnail, shop catalog, shop single and big image of the product. You call also edit text color, font style, text angles, positions and opacity.

Add Image Watermark

Wordpress image watermark plugin allows you to select different images for shop thumbnail, shop catalog, shop single and big image. Backend allows you to adjust the margin from left to right and change the opacity against the contrast with 9 different positions on the image.

Merchant Benefits

  • It helps merchants provide a failsafe against internet grabbers who use photos of other brands to market their own at online stores.
  • You can also place the date that appears on the image. Putting the year when you took the photo not only informs customers when the product was photographed, but it also acts as a quick reminder for you as well.
  • You can show the watermark on 9 different positions in the photo such as middle, middle left, middle right, top left, top center, top right, bottom left, bottom center or bottom right, to prevent the image from being cropped.

Customer Benefits

  • It allows the customer to easily recognize the manufacturer of the product and make fast purchase decision.
  • Most customers that are brand loyal are concerned about the company more than name of the product itself. WooCommerce watermark plugin allows customers to easily point out the manufacturer and visit your store to purchase it.
  • Customers often come across product images on other websites that show your watermark on the picture. You can put your email address on which not only protects it from malicious use, but also allows customers to contact you right away

Key Features of WooCommerce Product Watermark Plugin

  • Add text watermark on your images
  • Add Image watermark on your images
  • You can add the watermark in 9 different places
  • Adjust the font size, color, margins and opacity.
  • Apply rule to product or categories

How it Works

After successful installation navigate to Product Image

Once you have successfully installed Wordpress Watermark plugin from FMA, you will first have to create and save rule for your store.

You must enter font size for all types of images e.g(Thumbnail, Catalog, Single and Big Images).

In order to do so, you have to enter text or upload logos for all types of images such as main product image, catalog thumbnails, product pop-up image and small thumbnails.

The backend allows you to apply watermark on whole category, select (Product by Category) option, all products that are falls under that category will have implemented watermark. You can also apply watermark on product by product selectively.

You can delete the rule anytime and the product images will be restores back without the watermarks on them.


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