WooCommerce Product Quick View

WooCommerce Product Quick View Plugin (1.0.0)

Woocommerce quick view plugin allows customers to quickly view product details in a popup window rather than visiting the actual page. It enhances the shopping experience by letting your customers view product name, price, image, description, and reviews in a quick-to-load window. The quick view option can either be enabled on product pictures or before the Add to cart button, whichever seems comfortable for your customers. By enabling ‘View Details’ button, you can allow customers to go through the product details at a glance.

  • Enable quick view on product pages
  • Customize color, text, and background of quick view button
  • You can display any thing in quick view popup like description, reviews price etc.
  • Customers can checkout from popup window

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Created 22 Mar 2016
Compatible WooCommerce 2.0 to 3.3 WordPress 4.0 to 5.0

Woocommerce Product display plugin allows your visitors to instantly overlook product particulars in a popup window and add to cart, rather than visiting the separate product page. It speeds up their shopping experience by skipping the step of browsing different pages, as they can view the details in a popup and quickly decide about the purchase. This removes the hassle of searching products over an eStore and saves much of consumers' valuable time.

Key benefits of Woocommerce Quick View Plugin

  • Increase conversion rate
  • Reduces server load
  • Enhance shopping experience
  • Create customer convenience to view details
  • Customers can check out from the popup window


Quick view Woocommerce plugin enables your visitors to quickly go through product details in a popup window, thus saving their time of browsing product pages and adding products to cart. You can either enable the quick view button over product image or before the Add to Cart button.

Key Features

  • Enable Quick View on product pages
  • Enable Quick view button before “Add to Cart” option
  • Customize color, text, and background of quick view button
  • Enable ‘View Details’ button
  • Select details to be shown in the quick view popup window, including
  • -Product Title
  • -Price
  • -Customer reviews
  • -Short description
  • -Add to Cart button
  • -Images
  • -Short description
  • -Sale icon
  • -Buttons for Previous/ Next product

Customer benefits

The store managers are often worried about the time each visitor spends on their website, and that's why they find ways to save their time for browsing products and placing orders. With Woocommerce Product Quick View plugin, they can instantly match their requirements by scanning product details on the popup window and continue with the shopping right there. This extension gives them friendly and time-saving shopping experience.


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