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Free WooCommerce Request For Quote Plugin (1.0.0)

Free quote plugin for Woocommerce adds a quick price enquiry form on your website as well on the product listing and description pages. Replace price of products with a custom enquiry button. Create highly professional looking quote reply with the help of text editor, add media and convert more leads. See demo for more information about Woo RFQ plugin.

Created 22 Mar 2016
Compatible WooCommerce 2.0 to 3.3 WordPress 4.0 to 5.0

Woo Quote plugin that quickly generates leads for your business. This module adds a basic enquiry form on key places of your website such as product description page, product listing page as well as creates a seperate request for quote page. An enquiry button will replace the price of a product, by clicking on which request for quote form will popup.

In order to replace price with enquiry button, you will set the price to ZERO. The basic price enquiry form tends to be the most widely used form because of its simplicity. Customers do not have to toggle between different form fields or lose data accidentaly.

All the enquries are managed by admin in an easy to user central interface provided by this plugin, making all the tracking and replying process more efficient. Each customer’s enquiry is replied on the same thread. A text editor helps you send a professional looking reply. You can add media along with your quote.

Key Benefits of free Request a Quote Plugin

  • Generates more inquiries, more leads
  • Replace price with enquiry button
  • Keeps it simple for customers to fill the form because more fields increases more friction
  • Improves conversion rate of your enquiry form
  • Eliminates causes that will drive customers away from making an enquiry
  • Easy management
  • Equipped with tools you need to send a professional reply

Request for quote form can help you get feedback on your products and services based on the customer inquiries.

Key Features:

  • A separate request for quote form is created for general inquiries
  • Replace price of products with inquiry button by clicking on which enquiry form will popup
  • Use enquiry form on product and listing pages
  • Enquiry form on product pages is shown in a popup
  • Customize title of popup window
  • Custom enquiry button text
  • Display required number of days on quote form
  • Enter custom success message
  • All customer enquiries are managed in a central place
  • Get necessary details about customers such as name, email, company and others
  • Text editor helps you create a professional looking reply
  • Add media with reply text
  • Add to quote plugin allows you to configure email options

How it Works

Once the extension is installed, please activate the plugin from backend. After activation, you can acess following from the menu:


This section allows you to manage all quote enquiries. You can quickly view all the requests in a grid. Click on an enquiry to find more details and send a reply. This communication is easily trackable by admin.


  • Configure title for the fancy box, which is displayed on the product pages
  • Configure text for enquiry button, which is displayed on the product pages
  • Configure default number of days for the quote
  • Customize success message
  • Configure email options

For more information, please contact support.


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