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Canvas is a WordPress drawing plugin which allows users to edit images, and utilize basic drawing tools like pen, brush, and color picker etc. to draw anything. Doodle Wordpress plugin dynamically creates two pages on your website, a canvas drawing page and a Wordpress canvas gallery page. The gallery page shows all drawings by other users. This hand draw plugin allows users to email their drawings to anyone. They can also download and print images. A stylish captcha is also added to the ‘Send Image’ form to avoid spam. Click on Demo to view all the features or see snapshots of both frontend and backend demo.

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Created 20 Mar 2014
Compatible WordPress 3.5 to 5.0

WordPress Canvas plugin allows users to draw on paintbook, add colors, and do much more. This module is a fun to use; users can send images to any one via email, they can download and print those images as well. On the backend, Canvas drawing plugin has its own menu from where admin can add, edit and view images.

This plugin adds two pages on your website as mentioned above, one is a canvas drawing page and other one is a gallery page. The drawing page displays an image slider on top from where users can select any picture to edit; once they select the image, it is loaded in the canvas. Following are the tools in this WP Doodle plugin that can be used to draw an image;

  • Pencil
  • Brush
  • Eraser
  • Thickness selector
  • Color Picker

Key Features - Wordpress Canvas Drawing Plugin

  • Allows users to draw on paint book
  • Includes five different drawing tools
  • Users can download and print images
  • Users can email pictures to anyone
  • Elegant Image slider on drawing page
  • View pictures by other users on gallery page
  • Creates two landing pages on your website
  • Easy to use and manage from backend

How it Works

WordPress Canvas Drawing plugin is extremely easy to use. Once this module is installed, login to admin panel and follow below instructions to configure it:

Admin Panel Settings

Canvas Drawing plugin has its own menu on the backend, it has following three options:

  • Canvas Draw: Manage all the user drawings from this section such as editing, publishing etc.
  • Add New: You can add new images from this section.
  • Gallery: View all the images in the gallery and delete any image if required.


This plugin creates two pages on your website as below:

  • Canvas Drawing: On this page, users can select any image, which you have uploaded from the backend, and then they can then edit it.
  • Canvas Gallery: This page shows all drawings by users.

Product Faqs

  • What kind of images can I upload to allow users to draw on?, can some have colour already on them? how do you set borders on the images?I wish to upload a colour image, a children's maze where they can draw a route is that possible?

    You can only use PNG images and only transparent part of image can be filled. Image can already have lines or other object drawn on it but only transparent part will be filled.

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