Media Video Gallery (1.0.0)

WordPress Video Gallery Plugin allows you to create a gallery of videos to make the product and service pages more elaborate. You can upload videos from local drive or easily embed it from the external sources like YouTube, DailyMotion or Vimeo. The key features of Wordpress media gallery plugin include;

  • Create media gallery
  • Upload or embed videos
  • Slider for featured videos
  • Dedicated video listings page
  • Classify videos by tags and categories

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Created 17 Apr 2015
Compatible WordPress 4.2 to 5.0
Created 17 Apr 2015
Compatible 4.2.0 to 4.7.2

With the help of WP video gallery plugin, you can create an entire gallery of videos on your business website that are related to your products and services. You can have a media gallery slider for featured videos on the website to get your customers attracted towards the major listings.

Video gallery plugin for Wordpress turns your eCommerce website into a free advertising tool by adding promotional videos about your business and offerings. It creates a separate listings page to showcase all the related videos that are distinguished by titles and descriptions. Users of your website can find videos by tags and categories.

What is inside the Free WordPress Video Gallery Plugin?

Add a Media Gallery

You can create a media gallery and add an unlimited number of videos to support the products and services you offer.

Video Slider

Add a slider with featured videos to grab users’ attention and make them get the message you want to convey.

Videos Listing Page

The plugin creates a dedicated page for all the videos to facilitate your users in watching more videos relevant to the products they need.

Embed Videos

You can embed videos directly from YouTube and DailyMotion to save time in creating a media gallery.

Social Media Icons

The plugin also adds social media icons next to the videos to let the users easily share them on their favorite social network.

What is additional in the premium version of Wordpress Video Gallery?

Upload Videos from local drive

You can upload videos from your personal computer or local hard drive, or simply embed them from YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo.

Add tags and categories for videos

To let the users easily find videos in the media gallery, you can add tags and categories as well. It will also ensure search engine visibility.

Listings page for tags and categories

The premium version adds separate pages that enlist video tags and categories which further enhances the user experience.

Widget for Featured Videos

Add the widget on any page to display featured videos wherever you want. It allows you to display videos on the most prominent place of your website.

List or Grid View

The users of your websites can either select List or Grid View for the Videos listing page, as they feel comfortable.

Add Wordpress Media Gallery

Add a comprehensive media gallery to your eCommerce website to quickly deliver your message and engage more users to turn them into loyal customers. A media gallery increases the reach and visibility of your web shop.

Videos Listings Page

Wordpress Media plugin create a dedicated listings page to showcase all the videos at once. It forms a useful and informative media gallery on your business website.

Select videos to display

The videos appear in pagination, by default. You can select the number of videos to display on each page to make the listings page look appealing.

Embed or Upload Videos

Embed listings directly from video sharing networks like YouTube, DailyMotion or Vimeo to save time or upload a custom video from your personal computer.

Add details to each Video

Add a title, description, tag and category to each video to make it searchable in the media gallery. The users can recognize each video by its title or searching by tags and categories.

Customize Title and Description

Customize the title and description of each video with respect to the content it contains. It will help the users know about the video and will watch it accordingly.

Add tags and categories

You can add tags and categories to classify all the videos and make it easier for the browse a whole list of relevant videos. Users can search the media gallery by tags and categories.

Add a Videos Slider for WP Video Gallery

You can add a slider on any page of your website that highlights the featured videos. It helps the customers to click and watches a video regardless of the page they visit.

Customize title of the Slider

Write an appealing title for the slider to ensure a common user understand its purpose.

Set featured listings

You can set the status of a video as ‘featured’ to include it in the slider and grab users’ attention.

Dedicated Listing Pages

Video gallery plugin Wordpress allows you to create a full-fledged media gallery and make it searchable with the dedicated pages, which assist the users in finding videos by names, tags, and categories.

Video listings Page

The dedicated video listings page displays every video you add to the media. Users can click any video and continue watching.

Tag Listings Page

A separate page for tag listings is created to let the users browse videos by their tags. They can get access to all videos within a tag.

Category Listings Page

The category listings page enables the users to watch videos of a relevant category rather than switching randomly between the videos.

Additional Features

Have a look at the additional features of the Media plugin Wordpress and configure them according to your preferences.

  • Select either to publish a video or not
  • Responsive design of listing pages for higher visibility
  • Users can select List of Grid view for video listings
  • Add social media icons for higher shareability

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